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  • meet your straw man
    This is one of the better articles on the straw man I found in my initial search for information - it is reprinted here should the original source as is frequently the case dissapear.
  • reflections on the straw man
    This essay deals with what is fiction and what is real. With references to Black's Law what we know as legal is really the rule of man and as it is not something created by nature it in essence is pure fiction.
  • am I a monkey's uncle?
    An allegory for what happens when we do not let go of attachments. In the concept of this site in the sense that we think we are our straw man or the legal entity represented by our name in full caps.
  • why the UCC filing
    Why the ucc filing.This is a very interesting historical essay which goes back to the 1800's and moves forward explaining how first the emanicipated slaves became incorporated and then finally all 'persons' became incorporated through legislation.
  • how to use the copyright notice
    Once you have a copyright notice this essay addresses how to use it.
  • the cat scan test
    This essay is an attempt to to explore the concept of the straw man as a necessary tool to overcome what would otherwise be impossible. The legal entity is not an evil thing in itself its only how it is used without our being aware of it.
  • inconvient truth in legal land
    This letter is in response to an angry letter sent me by a lawyer after it was legally determined in an' hearing for execution' that I was not present. This was the seond time this happened to me even though I was physically present. . The fact you are not your legal name is not someone's overly active imagination. It is a reality of life today and something you should be aware of. This is the very reason for the existence of the copyright-name site.
  • copyright notice
    This is a snap shot explanation of the copyright name process from an outside source .
  • who owns your name
    This the initial essay I wrote as a wake up call to the uninitiated. Hopefully it grabs peoples attention so that they are prompted to explore further.