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 Copyright Name Publish Common law Documents




This is an old version of the Copyright-Public Posting which I started out using in 2006. Since then it has gone through many transformations mostly because of input from people like you. So what I have now is truly a collective effort.

1-Client customized 2006Version - unsigned: 

2-Client customized 2006Version posted as a pdf:

3-Custom Client Copyright posted as an image: 

4-Custom Client Copyright posted as an image

'1' Above is what you can expect visually w/o scanning your documents. With '2','3' & '4' the quality of the image online is totally dependant on who does the scanning. I do my best to make it workable but usually it is not as clear as the unsiged version.  Typically  I now add this note: "This document is to be verified with the Secured party as to being an updated representation of the actual signed contract, content reflected as below:" as after all any document on line can not be the actual paper document and therefore it acts simply as a public notice in the public domain.