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  News Release #1

Les Raketti

Happy New Year for 2011. I am happy to announce that the content of the has been completely revamped to make more user friendly and accessible. Most of the information is not new but as previously buried in the site it wasn't readily accessible.

What is new is a new is a Resources Area and an Articles area. I will also be adding a Q& A section to answer inquires as they come in. I may set this up in a blog format.

Eventually your public notices will be directly searchable right from the site but be patience as this is a mamoth task and will not be done over night.

Preference will  be given to those of you that request a update to their copyright notice. I

NOTICE: It has been recently been drawn to my attention that certain wording in your copyright public notice should be changed for your protection. I strongly recommend that you do this. You can either 1) have me alter it and update your documents online or 2) you may request form me what those changes are and hand modify your originals accordingly. If I am to do it I need to be compensated  for my time I will grant you an additional years extension for $20 with the change on line and in pdf form. If you wish to do the change yourself by simply dating and initialling it then just make a request to