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  News Release #2

Les Raketti

May 20th, 2011

Commonlaw Copyright Public Notices -

The site has been moved to a new server which has made a number of changes necessary. If formerly the link to your public posting was for example  it now has been changed to 

If your Common Copyright Posting has been created in 2006 it will be due for renewal in December of 2011

If you wish to check on the status of your public posting go to any page on the site and do a search for your first or last name [ commonlaw copyright public notice ].

It will either:

1) say pending - which means pending approval for posting or payment - nothing now gets posted with out your permission in writing. 

2) or indicates the posting dates as in 2007-12 In this example you know your posting is up in December of 2012. Should your posting end in December of 2011 let this be your first notice.

So for the few of you whose search on your name shows pending, please follow up on it and I will accommodate you at my earliest convenience. If you have been dealing with me for any time or read what I write one primary themes is taking back your 'response' 'ability'. If you don't respond for a request for permission to post for what ever reason it will not get posted.

[ASIDE: This policy has been in place ever since I had to deal with a very difficult individual in 2009 who insisted I drop everything and urgently process his application the very morning he submitted it - reluctantly I obliged sensing his obvious desperation. I sent him the rough draft for his additional input for the SA and  information I had I filed a UCC1 and posted on line his copyright notice. And get this: only  to have him to get upset with me for filing his UCC1 and public notice online  - "without his permission" .I am sure you the reader are aware that this is the whole purpose of the exercise - so I can't help but wonder if I was set up. 

I note this here since the site that posted that complaint has never given me the opportunity to refute it no matter how many times I have tried.  And because an alphabet soup agency was mentioned in that complaint, I suspect that is why I came under their investigation for four months - only to be exonerated for any wrong doing by letter with a cautionary note - "This does not mean that we condone what you are doing". For those hesitant in moving on with this process this should be reassuring as we are totally within our rights to assert what we believe to be true.

And as long as there is respect for the right for people to believe what they believe then for what we do here, this is a very safe process. Essentially it is posting a pubic notice in 2 places; the UCC office and electronically in the public domain. I suggest that people also follow up with a UCC posting in their State, every county that they have property in and in their local newspaper where legal notices are accepted. And for those of you that know there are sample forms for you to follow but more importantly the emphasis here is on how you think coming from the position of your intention. A lot of words, but ...

Needless to say sometimes I question 'why' do I even bother as for what I charge here there are certainly other things that I can do with my time that is more lucrative. Yet I feel that people really need to know this stuff - particularly if they are under the illusion that they are their legal name(s). This in my opinion is the primary mechanism through which we lose our freedoms as it is tied into legal obligations that you have not consciously agreed to. The whole purpose of this site is to bring that one fact into peoples awareness and to assist them in getting out off the starting blocks that we all face when we first come into this information.]

Thank you for your support to date.

Les Raketti

P.s. For the record the site as of this date shows a google page rank of 2 [ a site with rank 2 has 10x that of a site with rank 1 and a site with rank 1 has 10x the importance of  a site of rank 0 ] and we are now in the top 10 million sites in the world with an Alexa Ranking of 9,451,957 which is not bad for a site not actively promoted. It is basically a reflection of your use of the site, interesting isn't it. 

Currently the site is visited by Google virtually every 7 days which means to you that your public postings on this site will be in the Google Search Engines within 14+/- days of being posted.  That by the way is not a small accomplishment and has literally taken years to get there and for that you have to take the credit.