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Robert Menard; Canadian did a piece called Bursting Bubbles which some say is right on.

Mary Croft: Canadian/American wrote a classic called, How I clobbered the beaurcracy

Winston Shrout: American register and do a search on this site for seminars posted here x

Irene-Maus:Gravenhorst: Canadian register and do a search on this site for recorded seminars posted here x

Harold Griswald: American One of the pioneers who first used the Security Agreement to establish a UCC1 filing - fought many years on the basis of constitutional rights only to realize that everything is contractual and in a trust relationship.

Bill Thorton American? - Introduction to Sovereigncy

Earl Koskella American - Redemption Forum Seminar Rhode Island June 2008 x

Anthony Wayne DTCC + CEDE&CO: The unknown 20 trillion dollar company x

Jean Keatings American How Court Cases Are Monetised x

Tim Turner American Maryville, 1108 Freedom Seminar x

Patrick Devine HJR Bonds x

Greg Gentry Remedies in Commerce

Dean Clifford

Max Igan

Obviously this list is limited - I can use your help email me below:

 x = Sites no longer in existence - free free to notify of broken links or to suggest others people may wish to follow here Thanks.