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POST Public Notice is one of three services provided by this site.

1) To Get a SECURITY AGREEMENT Click here. [create security agreement/power of attorney/indemnity bond]

2) To Get a COPYRIGHT PUBLIC NOTICE Click Here. [create commonlaw copyright-name public notice

3) To POST a semi-permanent commonlaw PUBLIC NOTICE of your own creation in the public domain. Just type your document in or copy and paste it into the form below: 

Custom Public Notices
Submit Your Name & Email and Copy/Paste the Your Custom Public Notice Below in the Large Box Provided.

Posting will appear with a web address similar to this dummy link:

Please indicate above if you have a preference to the wording after the '.com' [in red above] along with your document and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Note: allow 1-2 days for processing once payment has cleared. You will get a confirmation link to your email address shortly.

The cost for a single posting is $25/year or $20/year for 5 years.

For Payment CLICK HERE
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Hint: One way to use this service cost effectively is when you have to make a lengthly anouncement in the newspaper which would normally be cost prohibative. This way you can put a simple ad directing them to your link on for more information.