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Security Agreement, Copyright Public Notice, UCC Filing Questions & Answers in 2013*

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These questions are in no particular order - but may reflect some of your concerns and answers to same.

Re Boys' Scout Motto - Be Prepared. 1-308:

Q: Les, i'm in a bit of a pickle. i am a taxi driver and i got 2 speeding tickets within 3 weeks of each other. i have been researching UCC1-308. now since my name is copyrighted i shouldn't have to worry about the UCC 1-308 correct? Also please can you look at this site and tell me your opinion.

R: Looked at the link - he gives you a line of attack - however your livelihood is contractually tied into your taxi license and your drivers license. Its like you are in a middle of a swamp you can't do things like you can on dry land. Part of the agreement of those permits are to abide by the rules as written. Its not then a question of rights but whether you did obey or not. That's one position.

But on the other hand there is a chance you can argue that this does not apply to you as you are not the straw man over which they have jurisdiction. But creating documentation after the fact suggests you are only wanting to get out of a contractual obligation. The judge most likely will not buy it nor give in too easily.

If you want to throw yourself into the fray this is a great learning
experience but you have to be prepared to accept the risks of it not going smoothly. Most likely it is easier to just eat the fine and save the aggravation of a prolonged project which you may end off paying any ways. Being dependent on their permission to drive puts you not in a strong position.

The paperwork and all will likely buy yourself some time and thus give you other options down the road. It all depends on what you want to do. I can't advise you without taking the liability for the information.

If you want sign into my membership site  its $10/mnth and you can cancel any time [top right corner of the site] . Read up inside on common law and learn about how a lawyer thinks regarding it. Then read about Admiralty Law through one of their textbooks come back and see if your source's information still makes sense and then be in a position to improve on it with your new knowledge. Sorry couldn't paint a rosier picture. I am not saying its not possible but I wouldn't enter the fray without being able to go in there with an attitude based on confidence. - Les.

P.S. 1-308 is like going up to a fork in the road either you take the high road or the low road. If you take the high road you are effectively saying that you have inherent rights and are not bound by the laws affecting the straw man - those laws do not apply to you as you not willingly nor knowingly agreed to them. If you don't state who you are [the human being] and waive the recognition that 1-308 gives it is assumed that all the laws apply to you [the Straw man] and having travelled on that path you are therefor operating under those rules or contract. Or at least that is how I understand it.

Q:what should i do about that ticket i got, now that all paperwork has went to there respective places

R: If you were anybody else and was not dependent on driving I would say go for it and use the speeding ticket as a learning experience. If you go back to the site I have a membership site with a lot of material in it. Primary advantage is that it 1) gives you a basic education on law from a lawyers perspective and 2) from an admiralty perspective getting infrmation from the source so to speak. The cost to access is $10/mnth - check it out. We can do the copyright+Security agreement when you are in a better financial position. Understand inside that everything is based on trust law and we at different times play different roles. Cheers - Les.

Q: Okay and you are right, i need to educate myself as you have said. I know based on other facts dealing with the IRS and also getting a refund as stated in the book cracking the code, i would not need to work. in the u.s.a. if you are accessed points you wont get hired for driving jobs which would send me into the streets because i couldn't meet my obligations. i know this undertaking is huge, but ....

R: Yes this is tough as your livihood is tied into using the system
(permits, licensing etc.) if you mess with them "They" as the expression says. "Have you by the Short and Curlies" which is how it is designed, "Play by our rules or else".

Removing yourself out of the system in this case is not something you to do with a lot of fanfare if it means, "Cutting your nose off to spite your face". This is why you want to take it slow educate your self to the point that when you do something you are fearless and untouchable. For the moment realize that you are not in a strong position and don't have many cards to play with. Knowing you have other options is a start but I would not risk my livihood until you are in a much stronger position. In other words pay the fines its the price of doing business - maybe built in a voluntary insurance fund that your customers can pay into to and in the meantime learn this stuff cold you have options.

R: If my livelihood was driving taxi and working was dependent on having a license I would pay the traffic ticket - losing your means of livelihood is more expensive.

R: Other than that if you wish to contest the ticket - weight the consequences of losing vs. winning. I would suggest get your self up to the point where you have all the answers to your questions - the idea here is if you are up the creek make sure you have a paddle and know how to use as there is nobody out there that has the time and energy to get you out of a fix. This is like exercise you have to learn this material inside and out and have a fall back position. I suggest do the law courses inside the membership site both from a common law and a lawyers perspective and then read all you can on Admiralty Law from the professor T in Montreal. Then you will be in a better position to take on issues such as traffic tickets and look at what others have done from a balanced perspective. Otherwise the price to pay may be steeper than you are prepared to pay.


Q: Okay, thank you, now when i sign paperwork i can put all rights reserved next to my name from what i have gained from reading some of the information? 
R:  That is a good question - did a quick google search: for all rights reserved without prejudice: copy and paste into url box of your browser:


I would leave out the reference to the UCC articles though as it 'may' put you under the jurisdiction of codified law. In effect I surmise it means don't hold this information in a court of law against me. Read the material and come to your own conclusions its important to know when you use without prejudice and with prejudice. The first reference gives some indication as to how the terms came about.
The last reference goes into it in some detail - though to me the discussion is somewhat convoluted.


Q: Les, I have looked extensively at your website and have a couple of questions. 
1. I am not clear as to who would be responsible for filing the forms, would your company file all the forms if I were to continue with the process. 
R: I will make an electronic ucc1 filing on your behalf. Its complimentary [as a fall back position should you either be not sure on how to it correctly; or should you have difficulty on your own getting it accepted] with the security agreement as it allows me to get the information I need at my end to complete the foundational documents.
I also give you additional information for followup based on the initial filing. Based on these foundational documents you are out of the gate so to speak and can confidently stand on your paperwork.
Immediately upon reciept of your final documents you can post common law copyright notices without recording any further UCC1 filings [in your State and State of Birth though recommended - guidelines are provided] as everything you assert is now based on your security agreement as referenced on record through the complimentary UCC1 filing. See 2 below:
2. What would the complete cost for one person be and what would that include? 
R: For one individual it includes: Security Agreement [The Contract with your 'Straw man' or 'Legal Entity'], Indemnity bond [Permission to Use the Assets of the 'Legal Entity' for your protection against its creditors], Power of Attorney [The Right to Act on the 'Legal Entitie's Behalf'] and Copyright Public Notice [The Claim of Right over the use of the Legal Name] . 
The public notice which is filed electronically in the public domain on the copyright-name site and facilitates making a short reference to it from a posting in the community newspaper should you wish to do so: ie. "Public notice: All rights reserved regarding the name Leslie Raketti. For full notice see" [Do a search in the search box on any first name http://www.copyright-name and you will find 100's of postings mine is just a very early version of same]. 
Cost for one set is $200. 
3. I have 3 sons and would be intrested in doing the same for them, would there be any discount for doing all four of us? 
R: Save $200 on four. On this page Pick the 3rd Option for $300 twice & notify me with a note for who it is for. Note if your sons are under 18 they can go under your umbrella as your debtor since you are 
responsible for their corporate entity - that will save you the cost of one or more filings. Once they are of legal age they can file on their own. 


Q: Les, I appreciate your timely response, I have a few more questions before I continue with the process. 
Q1. Who holds the power of attorney? 
R: You do if you have have it in writing otherwise an attorney can be assigned to your strawman by the court which would be to your disadvantage should there be a conflict of interest between you and the State. The strawman is their property as they created it for your use and their convenience [as well as yours to receive benefits]. 
Q2. I am going to complete a soverignty afadavit and declare myself a soverign being, how does a copyrighting my name tie in with this? Coprighting in a sense is a misnomer it really is a claim of right over the use of the legal entity [strawman in commerce] since it is derived from your given and family names. I have read that it is all part of a process and that one declaring sovereignty should also copyright their name and file the ucc 1, can you please provide your opinion. 
R: It is one thing to say you are _______ [ free, a free man/woman on the land, ...] its another thing to prove it just as its convenient to say, "I am not under an obligation [to pay taxes, to pay parking tickets, etc ]" as that would be deemed by the powers that be that you are simply avoiding your responsibilities [contractual obligations]. 
Proving it, means you can provide documentation that makes you an exception to the general rule. Because of your belief and understanding I/you then tested my/your assumptions by allowing people the opportunity to correct them if they were wrong. If then nobody protests then you can reasonably assume that your assertions were correct and carry on from that basis having fully documented each step of the way [your proof]. 
R: In other words a slave can say that he is a free man all he wants but it has no believability unless he has the paperwork to go with it. So we create a contract with the legal entity as we have the authority to represent ourselves and it. That in the first instance creates a separation by the fact a contract requires a minimum of two parties. we then define our relationship through the security agreement and in doing so supercede any contracts that may of existed before. And so being separate from it, we can rightfully declare it is our debtor as everything we created of value has gone in its name and since it has not returned anything of value back it then agrees that it is our debtor. We file a declaration with a third party that it is our debtor in a registry for creditors against debtors (the UCC filing) that establishes a time and date stamp based on reference to our contract (the security agreement). 
R: Now we subsequently put all this to the test by putting out a public announcement/notice (copyright notice) making reference to the UCC filing for the sake of credibility ( the perceived reverence through conditioning to the highest office in the land, The Office of the Secretary of State) claiming not the ownership but the use of the commercial vehicle [your straw-man] since by birth right [since it is derived from your family and given names] it should be exclusively for your own use (just as your car is) warning third parties that you will charge them a user fee if they use it without your permission. 
If anyone has a problem with that or an interest in the legal this gives them an opportunity to protest your assertions. If no one objects having had full opportunity to do so you can confidently proceed then as if your assertions are true. Just saving you are a free and sovereign being has no standing if it is not recognized or substantiated by first defining your relationship with the strawman as otherwise it is presumed and assumed that you are the STRAWMAN legally as you have no gone through the exercise of separating yourself from it and its obligations that are defined by the legislation that created it. 
Q3. I am hesitant to provide the personal information (ie, ss# and such) due to identity theft, can you please provide information regarding your services? I may be searching for something that doesn't exist, I just want to feel comfortable with supplying the information, hope you understand. 
R: I understand totally in fact one of the first people I put thought this process did indeed have their identity stolen not by me but because all his personal information was files quite conveniently in one nice convenient package for all see in the UCC filing itself. On occassion I have had to remove such filings done by other people because of that exposure. You might as well put all your possessions in the middle of a public street and naively think it will still all be there the next morning. So while one needs to link into the legal entity through its identification numbers in the records for safe practice details should only be disclosed in the Security Agreement to which only you have access. 
The lesson learned is don't put on public display anything that is useful for identity theft and so I only make reference to the Security agreement and its contents by its document identification. This is designed in such a way that there is an general catch-all version which you may at your discretion should you have to prove the contract exists and a more detailed version which you can constantly update as things and circumstances change ( a living document) without involving anybody else save your self. 
R: The only thing I need as a bare minimum is: 
1) your full legal names and your past legal names (ie. if you changed your name because of marriage ect.) as they are your debtors, any proxies you have used for doing business (companies, dba's), likewise all children's legal names if under 18 as it is you who put value into all they have as you might of with a business or dba and so they are your debtors. 
2) the origin of all legal enties (id #'s. place/date of birth or legal creation and its State jurisdiction. 
R: Other than that all information regarding assets may either be entered in by you by hand into the Security Agreement - as I only give you a pdf original or if you give me it through the form on the site I will copy and paste it into the document for your convenience. 
You could elect to give me the bare minimum. Frankly whether you do or not its okay with me. The point is all information regarding assets and private property is in the Security Agreement exists only in your private records which in the public(UCCfiling) exists only as a numbered document to prove that a contract between you and your STRAWMAN exists. In otherwords outside of getting your documents notrized the information contained within is for your eyes only. 
R: We then in turn reference the UCC filing # in the Public Notice to substanciate that you are the rightful creditor as filed in the UCC office on the basis that there exists a contractual arrangement or written obligation that it has to you. 
R: That is quite detailed and a rough draft written on the fly. Hopefully that assures you. In my last letter I made a suggestion that you use the search box to look for first names you will find literally hundreds of people have filed through this site - if that is some consolation. Yes there is still a risk of ID theft with the legal name and its address but it is very minimal. - Thanks 
Q: Once again, I appreciate your timely response. The information provided in your response was most helpful, I agree with you in that declaring soverignty would not be complete without the additional paperwork you have described. 
I mentioned earlier that I have three sons, the youngest being eighteen. My middle son (22) is the one who found this information and he would probably be the only one that I would presently file for along with myself. Truthfully, he was doing research for a court case he has pending and saw a utube video "soverign man vs judge" that got the ball rolling. I/we were totally amazed at what we have learned. 
Also, I stopped by his attorneys office and had a brief sit down with her and she had no idea as to what I was talking about. I have several attorney aquaintances and a retired District Judge for a nephew and was stunned that none of them have a clue on this information. I must say the goverment has done a superb job of hiding the truth, (they should send everyone a jar of vasaline with their tax forms every year). 
I am going to sit down with **** tonight and discuss how we will proceed with the filing. He seemed to think that he could do it by himself but I am wary of his not being not able to cross all the T's and dot all the I's the first time. I will say that he is a very intelligent young man and has expressed intrest in futhering this cause. He seemed to think that there would be a market for the knowledge in our part of the country, I will stir him your way and see if you might be able to advise him. His attorney is trying to talk him into law school, but after learning these truths he seems to mistrust the profession .... 
R: Great, can't believe I wrote all I did in response - it definitely needs some cleaning up but I am glad the gist of it comes through. If you have any issues you can always call me by phone. Cheers!
P.S. Inside my membership site there is a number of courses in law that I provide links to on common law from both a lawyers perspective and an non-lawyer perspective as well as aome solid information on Admiralty Law as taught by a professor from the University of Montreal - plus a number of talks from individuals on utube who I give some credence to.
Q: Les I also sent you the letter from the county recorder of XX and also XX to see if when i send them have i covered what they are asking for 
R: Filing looks like I would do it. Might have an issue with one State as a fixture filing [moveable property] as you have to file at the county level. 
R: Note inside the box for your ucc filing I would put the straw man's address as you would conventionally write it and not draw undue attention to the fact you are not the straw man. Note it is already bracketed and thus outside of contract. 
MY UCC1 Filing has been removed
Q: i got a notice that my UCC1 filing has been Removed, what can i do about it?
R: Your UCC filing has Been Removed
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 21:28:21 -0800

A number of people are writing me to say that their UCC filing has been removed and even though I sent this out before I suspect a number of you missed the first letter. Hopefully herein I can suggest some options that you may wish to follow but as a disclaimer this is my no means legal advice.
A few people have asked me to remove the reference in the copyright public notice online which makes reference to the UCC filing. That's one option or you can contest the fact  - more on that below.
Now as stated on my site we use the 'UCC filing' as added credibility to what is essentially a common law document "the copyright public notice". This is because the UCC filing office of the Secretary of State is considered to be the highest office in the land.
However technically we do not need it since we are in a common law jurisdiction whereas the Secretary of State is not [its a fictional office created through specific legislation]. We include the UCC reference in the copyright public notice because the perception is if it is filed as a record at the Secretary of State Level that that would lend some legal credibility it. The other reason is that you have a time date that you can reference giving evidence of coming into your own authority if you will. 
So essentially what I am saying while it is nice to have a UCC filing for 'perceived' credibility it is not absolutely necessary and does not invalidate your copyright public notice. The only thing is if the UCC filing is removed you might want to also remove any reference to it in your pubic posting OR contest the fact that it was removed on a mistaken assumption [see below].
Listen to the youtube video to get an idea of what's happening.
In my mind you have 3 options 1) write them back stating that you "fail to see how the code referenced applies in this case since the claim is not against a public official which according to the code cited in your letter of [date] is the only cirumstance that would require sanction from a court of appropriate jurisdiction. Since the debtor is obviously not a public official I fail to see why it would apply and insist it be reinstated. Or 2) ask them to please explain how the debtor named can be construed to be a public official as clearly as cited in code mentioned in your letter [date] this is the only condition whereby it need be accompanied by an order of a court of appropriate jurisdiction  Or 3) follow their complaint procedures so noted in the letter they sent you.
For most of you receiving this email.  Its quite possible they haven't sent the letter out yet if you have not received it but it will be likely sooner or later.
Cheers! - Les.
Below is the earlier email I sent out on October 28:
----- Original message -----
From: "Les Copyright-name" <>
Subject: Your UCC Filings are being rejected
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 13:30:34 -0700
It appears UCC filings are being rescinded on the basis of what is highlighted in red below - so don't be surprised if you receive a letter stating as much from the UCC office. This is happening all across the board.
Here is a clip that pretty well explains what is going on.
In short the video takes the position that a filing can only be rejected if and only if there is a filing or claim
"against a federal, state, or local official or employee based on the performance or nonperformance of that official's or employee's duties unless accompanied by a specific order from a court of competent jurisdiction authorizing the filing of such lien." See 2) below:
In short it appears from my reading not to apply to you despite what the letter says.
The code reference regarding Washington state is: see the following:
No duty to accept filing of common law lien — Filing of a notice of invalid lien.
(1) No person has a duty to accept for filing or recording any claim of lien unless the lien is authorized by statute or imposed by a court having jurisdiction over property affected by the lien, nor does any person have a duty to reject for filing or recording any claim of lien, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section.
(2) No person shall be obligated to accept for filing any claim of lien against a federal, state, or local official or employee based on the performance or nonperformance of that official's or employee's duties unless accompanied by a specific order from a court of competent jurisdiction authorizing the filing of such lien.
(3) If a claim of lien as described in subsection (2) of this section has been accepted for filing, the recording officer shall accept for filing a notice of invalid lien signed and submitted by the assistant United States attorney representing the federal agency of which the individual is an official or employee; the assistant attorney general representing the state agency, board, commission, department, or institution of higher education of which the individual is an official or employee; or the attorney representing the school district, political subdivision, or unit of local government of this state of which the individual is an official or employee. A copy of the notice of invalid lien shall be mailed by the attorney to the person who filed the claim of lien at his or her last known address. No recording officer or county shall be liable for the acceptance for filing of a claim of lien as described in subsection (2) of this section, nor for the acceptance for filing of a notice of invalid lien pursuant to this subsection.
[1995 c 19 § 4; 1986 c 181 § 3.]

NOTE: All the above is in my own personal opinion as is all information I provide and as I am not authorized to practice law or to give legal advice in your jurisdiction it is your responsibility to verify same with competent legal authorities.