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Security Agreement, Copyright Public Notice, UCC Filing Questions & Answers in 2008*

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These questions are in no particular order - but may reflect some of your concerns and answers to same.

Q: Hi, I was perusing your site after doing several
hours of research about redeeming the straw man. Are
you still offering copy right services? The link to
"post here" or is broken. Also,
there is no where to purchase a copyright.
A: Thank you for pointing that out - yes it appears
that the link is broken -investigating it - thank you for
pointing that out. As for Payment go to where you fill in
the forms and you will see a payment button on the side
menu there.
Q:Have you or do you know anyone who has fully redeemed
their straw man? It seems "difficult" only in that no
one has fully shared how to do it!
A: "Fully redeemed" not quite sure what you mean here.
For one, the government created the strawman so they
own it, we can only claim back the use of it as it is
derived from our family and given names through a
public posting. If it stands uncontested you have
established your claim over its use.
Two, we can legally unbind ourselves from the Straw man
as it is assumed by government we and 'it' are a
'corporation sole'. Through the Security agreement we
seperate ourselves from 'it' and effectively become an
aggragate corporation whereby we act as its executive
but shed its liability to contracts that we are not
party to.
This contract allows us to perfect a claim against 'it'
by filing a UCC1 putting us as the first creditor in line and
should it be sued and its property sold you would get
paid out first. It also absolves you of any adhension
contracts that you did not willingly or knowingly agree
Having said that, it may in reality be easier said than
done as there are many pitfalls. This is partly due to
ones social conditioning which is the hardest thing to
shake as we may have everything in order paper wise and
blow it merely by saying two words in front of a judge.
I wouldn't suggest that this is a silver bullet but
rather that it is a process that starts you on a path
and creates the beginning of a paper trial that
documents/substantiates a belief system that you are a
sovereign human being.
Then you can go in a number of directions I am only here to
assist you in getting started on that path. Feel free
to call and ask any questions directly. 604-288-7111
(Canada) or leave a voice mail if I am not in and a
time I can call you back. - Les.
Q: Thank you so much for the information.  Could you
tell me what is the time frame from start to the
discharge of the 1st mortgage debt?
A: I do have some old sites that may have to do with
mortgages but I do not promote it any more. It had to
do with negociating better mortgage terms with the
bank. Not sure as to what you may be referring to.
Q: On your site was a link to Site XYZ - I did
not know whether or not this is an affiliate? Their
service (packages) was 3 tiered - #2 they did for you
for $1000, and #3 and #4 was more but I did not
understand exactly what one received. I asked the
question, but have not received an answer. If they are
not an affiliate - do you do the same? Thank you so
much.but we (a group of 5) want to pursue this all the
way. We just need to understand more.
A: This may of been a paid link on my site through
Google Adwords I have no control over that, no I am not
affiliated or linked to them in any way.
The best I can do for you is talk to you, I will
explain what it is I do in a way that anyone can
understand, that in my mind is the key to it all. It is
all based on a security agreement, a UCC1 filing and
posting a public notice. I only assist people in
getting started on a process which takes time to
integrate as one can study this stuff for years and
then blow it in a moment just by acknowledging a Judge.
Sometimes just talkling to someone shortcuts the
process by establishing a solid premise.

Its not a quick fix but you want to start a paper trail
that documents who you are ,then you mcan ove on from there on your own power and on your own time with full confidence you know what you are doing every step of the way.

If someone was to walk you through the process it would
take a lot of time and energy and hand holding on their
part. My position is that of an educator, more people
have to know this and the people that need it the most
are forced into because they are unable to pay the toll
associated with the more traditional route for justice.
Therefore I do a very basic service, and get you started
and over the hurtle of "what do I do now" and through
conversation and writing implant a sound understanding
of what it is you are doing. Where you go from there
is totally up to you in the sense that as a sovereign
there is a number of basic strategies that you can work
on and set in place.
In my humble opinion, the problem with relying on
anyone else's stuff is that it is some one else's
stuff. The only way you learn this stuff is to do the
research yourself and thereby come from a position of
power and knowledge. Knowing what you know thorough
your own experience which no one can deny or take away
from you.
Everything I do is listed on the site and that is the 3
parts, 1) the Security Agreement/Indemnity Bond/Power
of Attourney, 2) A complimentary UCC1 filing and 3) a
copyright-name notice which is really a public notice
staking your claim to the use of the strawman's name.
Each part serves a particular purpose and its important
to understand what that is so that you can then move on
from there.
The fact of the matter each state is different and I
can not do your own research for you, no one would be
able to afford the billable hours and its something you
best do on your spare time. It like driving a car and
doing exercise, some things you have to do yourself.
What I do gets you over the initial hurtle and puts you
on a solid foundation.
I hope the above helps, feel free to call me to clarify
things if you wish.
Q: Do you file the UCC1 in the state where the birth
certificate was created (in my case, Ohio)?
A: I can I do a complimentary filing which covers you
with a broad brush stroke and gives you a fall back
position'should you not be able to file in your own
State. Some States like Michigan are extremely
difficult. Then I suggest you complement that with
paper filings in your State and your birth should they
be different than your birth state. If you have
property you want to file at the county in ach county
you have property. I have example forms that you can
follow so you are not totally on your own.
Q: Approximately how long does it take to complete the
process once payment has been made? Thanks.
A: Typically I complete it within 36 hours occasionally
longer if there are questions I have or if I get
Q: Les, I've filled out the security agreement as
requested. However. I cannot find my birth certificate
and, will have to send for one; is this critical?
A: No it is not critical, however it is better that you
do have something to reference that you can add later
into your security agreement which you can update any
time. The rule basically is, detail trumps
generalities. There is information on your birth
certificate that you might want to record such as the
red bond # on its face or back.
Q: hi les, i was wondering if you file a ucc1 and
recieve social security, will your check stop
A: No, however if you kill your Social Security Number
that might have an impact but all we are doing is
claiming the Strawman is our Debtor and any assets due
to it are therrefore owed to us. Read the Security
Agreement and work your way through that. It is worth
the effort of understanding what your position is in
regard to it. You get the checks in the Straw man's
name and your take care of things for it and since the
social security is coming to you because of your past
contributions while in the work force than I would
think that you as the Strawman's Creditor are due for
some payback.
Q: Les, Once you filed for my ficticious name and set
up the security agreement; will I need to file with the
Secretary of State for Nevada and, are you sending me
the originals?
A: I will file one electronically for you,that will
blanket cover you but I suggest that you supplement it
with a a paper submission where you live - you can
access forms for that from my site. Once we get the
first done you can call me and I will assist you with
that, there are a few things you want to keep in mind
and above all keep good records of all that you do.
Q: Also, I just received a copy of my birth certificate
from the state of Florida, is it to late to add this to
my security agreement?
A: No just go back to the site put in your first name &
email address and the new information in the
appropriate spot - that will do it.
Q:I got the documents. But, can you explain to me how
the internet posting of the copyright name works.
A: Great.Think of the Public Postings as if it was a
"no trespassing" sign which it is on your property. You
have one by the gate on your fence at the edge of your
property, one halfway to the door and one just before
the door. If anyone enters the gate accidentally or
carelessly they have been noticed once, if they go past
the midpoint they have been noticed twice and if they
continue to the door they are willfully disrespecting
your notice and if they are an official can not hide
under the protection of their office and are liable
personally for any penalties or consequences. As in
baseball, 3 strikes and they are out.
Similarly, I suggest you post a public notice in a
newspaper 3 times once a week and a 4th time for good
measure in your area where public notices are typically
posted ( as when someone dies and a notice is put out
to see if there are any creditor claims against the
estate). The intention is to see if your claim is
challenged by the government since they own the name,
you are only claiming the use of it since it is derived
from your given and family names. If no once comes
forth to dispute it then your notice stands as truth
uncontested as it has withstood the test of time. Keep
copies of the newpaper postings with the dates and if
not an original get it verified as a copy by a notary
[- its becomes part of your paper trial along with the
other documents you now have].
How you use the internet posting is to post one or two
lead-in lines and refer to your internet posting
link/url for more information. In addition any one
doing research on your name on the internet will come
come across it and be so notified.
If you are being hassled say by a credit card
application company (since every time you are solicited
it acts negatively on your credit rating) you can send
them the Public Notice by register mail (for proof that
they received it) and if they persist having been so
noticed you can bill them in accordance to the terms of
the self-executing agreement.
I hope that is helpful, although not legal advice that
is my understanding of one way that you can use this
effectively. -Les.
Q: This is C___again. Well, after doing more research
(I finished Mary Crofts book this weekend, very good) I
think I am going to take the "plunge" and become 1st
creditor of my straw man. Before I do so, I have a
couple of questions for you.
First, I know this process is not for the faint of
heart and can only be done yourself (well, myself in
this case) BUT that does not mean we cannot help each
other out. Would you be willing to help me through the
process to the point of at least answering questions to
the best of your ability when I am in need? When I get
"up and running" with this I will feel more
comfortable, but as of now I am still in fear of the
unknown. Of course, I would know that any advice is
solely for entertainment value and not of legal nature.
Second, and more to the point of the process, should I
wait until I move in the next 2 months or is it alright
to pursue filing my copyright, SA, bond, and ucc-1 now?
I'm guessing that we can change my address any time and
that it shouldn't be a problem (never hurts to ask
though!). I look forward to your response, C___
A: I cannot answer your questions at length now short
answer - yes - but you can call me after the 24nd as I
will be overseas on business and we can talk. I am
willing to do that and I enjoy it as I have for many
people. The benefit is a basic understanding of what
you are doing in no uncertain terms.
Q: Thank you very much for your web page.  We are
finding it helpful above all others we have looked at
so far. Most information we read is Canadian or
American, but the principle must be the same for us in
A: I suspect so.
Q: We are in the process of gaining our freedom as
freemen of England under the Magna Charta Common Law by
sending an Affidavit to our Queen withdrawing our
allegiance. We understand that Common Law is the real
Rule of Law, not Statutory Law. At the same time, we
want to deal with the Straw Man to our benefit. We
understand from your web page that a Copyright Notice
should be drawn up and posted on the web and/or in a
newspaper, which presumably is the start of the process
of claiming our Straw Man, and reclaiming all the money
and property stolen from us over the years.
A: By the very act of a security agreement you are
seperating yourself from the legal entity which makes
you subject to State simply because you are redefining
the terms of your relationship to it.
Q: As we live in the UK, we are aware that the UCC1
document is not applicable to us as we come under
Statutory Law, or UK Commercial Code, but I am fairly
sure that the term UK Commercial Code is not commonly
used here.
A: It might interest you to know that UCC filing cover
virtually all countries on the planet I file UCC1's for
Canadians there and tell them to file in addition a
PPSA (Personal Property Security Act). One is a blanket
or more general and the other is specific to their
country or State.
Q: Are you able to assist us for the UK version of
things? If not, do you know of anyone acting in the UK
on behalf of people like ourselves?
A: Not aware of anyone doing this in the UK though I
did get a similar inquiry a way back so you are not
Q: Is there any way you could get the security
agreement and copyright filed on the records in that
A: That I do not recommend as it is not a good idea to
have an inventory of all you own (bank accounts etc.)
in a centralized data base which may and can be abused
by others if they access your records through a search.
All you need to put forth is the evidence of the
security agreement by referring to its identification
number. But you may consider doing is file the
copyright along with the copy of the ucc1 in the county
recorders office
Q: I notice you have produced an updated version to the
one on the web, and I wonder if I may purchase that
template and use it to formulate our statements of
A: There are two things to address here one the
security agreement and two the "Public Notice" laying
claim against the name.
For one, the SA, that is the contract between you and
the legal entity created by the State - typically one
would not post that but rather only make reference to
it by its unique identification number. The cost for
that is $100 US, I typically file a UCC1 in the US.
which accepts filing from all over the world including
Great Briton (the filing is complementary and my reason
for doing it that way is so I can complete UCC1
references in the "Public Posting")
For two, the Public Posting, that is the claim for the
exclusive use of your legal name and its derivatives,
is $100 US.
Together both are $200 U.S.
On the site there is a payment menu link on the left
side of the form pages- with options for Google payment
or Paypal on request. If that is not workable I am open
to suggestions.
Q. Regarding the UCC filing, can I file as an aggregate
corporation if that is better?
A: Once we create the security agreement, you will then
have the basis of filing against the aggregate
corporation (which is your legal name as
debtor/corporation & yourself as
Q: I have a question about my security agreement; can I
at this point add my marriage license or, should I get
my wife to file the same as I did and include the
marriage license on her agreement?
A: You can and you can also add it to your security
agreement just date and initial it for both parties.
Everything we have done refers back to the security
agreement as the ultimate reference, so all it is
necessary to do is to just add that to the security
agreement. It is is set up that way to be easily
updated without haveing to change the UCC1 filing or
the copyright public notice.
Q: Should we consider filing a power of attorney for
each other?
A: I cannot answer that for you all I can do is re
frame the question. If either of you were incapacitated
would it then be a good idea? Perhaps perhaps not. Begs
the question then, would one then have power over the
person or the legal entity? Do you need to file with an
authority to give that type of sanction? Perhaps yes,
perhaps no.
Sometimes just asking is this a wise thing to do will
give you a better answer in my humble opinion - trust
your own judgment and act accordingly. Yes you will
make missed takes, but that is what learning is all
about. The more mistakes you make early in life the
better is as those same mistakes later in life will be
more expensive.
Like a child the more steps you can do yourself the
more empowered you will be - its part of this process
to wean yourself away from others making decisions for
you and start taking self responsibility (self
Q: Also, do you still have the link for the copyright
working and, is there a fee to keep it up and running
4 more weeks?
A: It should be working and if not let me know so I can
investigate. You have paid me $20 per year for five
years to keep it up so I will honor that commitment.
The download link will be there as well but normally I
shut if off as that information is not nor should it be
public information that can be found with the
appropriate search terms on the internet. If you want
to reopen it just ask me.
Q:I've been directed to our states web-site
for filing instructions so, I've been holding off until
I complete the copyright process. Should I file all 3
or can I send in the UCC/SA followed by the copyright?
A: The SA is a private agreement between you and the
strawman. Only make reference to it by its
identification number but keep your own personal
information private for your eyes only. That
information in the wrong hands can lead to identity
theft so definitely do not put it where someone through
a search on your legal name can easily find it. What
you want them to find is the public notice claiming not
the ownership but the exclusive right of use of your
legal name.
The copyright notice more correctly is merely a public
notice with an self-executing agreement. Like a
trespassing sign you place it where it will be noticed
if someone is looking to attack or violate your
The UCC1 lien is a public registration of a claim you
have against the strawman since everything you created
is in its name. The copyright notice includes a
reference to it and the SA to substantiate its validly.
Its all you need use publically unless your state
determines otherwise ( then you must decide what you
wish to do).
To file in Nevada I suggest you use the generic forms
on my site (look under "sitemap" untill you find it).
Fill it in and get a notary to create a certified copy
and send that one in keeping the original. That way
should they change anything - you have a record of the
original and your intention as recorded. I can send you
a suggested way to fill it out as a guide line just ask
me - you will need to use 2 forms to complete the
process. Think of the UCC1 I filed for you as a general
filing and the paper filing in your State as more
Q: I'll go back over your instructions again to answer
some of the questions I have and just one last thing,
does it really matter what type of paper Newspaper or
paper you print the notices on?
A: For a newspaper the notices should be where legal
notices in your state are normally advertised. As for
paper regular bond paper is fine. Over time it will
yellow but I suspect by that time you will probably
want to update it.
Q: Hi! wasn't there suppose to be a truth affidavit for
trademark/ copyright also.
A: Hi S____ There are 3 parts to what I offer as stated
on the site here and that is namely the Security
Agreement the UCC1 filing and the Public Posting see You can build
on that foundation what ever you wish if it makes sense
to you.
In essense the SA is a contract between 2 parties which
by the very act of implementing it creates a seperation
between you and your legal name. The UCC1 filing gets
the contract recognized in the system that you have a
claim against it as your debtor and the public notice
gives you a mechanism by which you can inform other
parties of that relationship by giving them notice and
contractually link them into obligations if they don't
respect your claim against the use of all derivatives
of your name.
Q: The way I understand it, the UCC filing statement is
preceded by my filing in the County Recorders office a
lien against my Vessel for a large sum. Do you agree?
A: There are 3 parts to what I offer as stated on the
site here and that is namely the Security Agreement the
UCC1 filing and the Public Posting see
In essense the SA is a contract between 2 parties which
by the very act of implementing it creates a separation
between you and your legal name. The UCC1 filing gets
the contract recognized in the system that you have a
claim against it as your debtor and the public notice
gives you a mechanism by which you can inform other
parties of that relationship by giving them notice and
contractually link them into obligations if they don't
respect your claim against the use of all derivatives
of your name.
You may record the lien and the public notice in the
county recorders office as a way of informing others
that you have a claim against the debtor. Does this
make sense to you?
Q: Thanks for the complimentary UCC1 filing .Why is
this important for me a Canadian?
A: As a Canadian (born on the land known as Canada)
think of the US as UCC1 general filing system that
encompasses the whole world. That way your claim are at
least registered in the system as opposed to not
registered. To complete the short strokes you would
want to file in any jurisdiction that you have property
in as that is where people would look to see if there
is a lien on it. That is how I reason it out. In
general you would want to notify all authorities that
may feel your property is in their jurisdiction should
anyone come knocking.
In part the UCC1 posting is self serving as it allows
me to complete the public posting without having to
wait for the UCC1 or PPSA filing numbers. You will find
PPSA forms on my site - follow the links on the site-
map pages - look for filing offices.
I uploaded a PPSA pdf form for you on the upload link
you can edit it accordingly to your best judgment. I am
suggesting that you only reference the SA by number as
what is in it is your private information. As a rule
you do not want to make it easy for some agency or
individual to know what your assets are - putting all
that in a public place makes it too easy - so act
accordingly. - Les.
Q: Hi Les, I am planning on doing the copyright and
security agreement together. I am getting together the
required numbers and descriptions to complete the form.
Do you have a list available of things that should be
included in the security agreement. Is this the
correct e- mail address for this type of question.
Thanks for your attention,
A: If you click on the Security link/menu tab the form
there will prompt to for some basic information I need
to do the UCC1 filing. Other that I will use that
information to create a security agreement which will
have other blanks for you to complete on your own time
such as bank account numbers etc. which is information
you should list but not information I wish to have the
responsibilty for. In order words the security form
itself will prompt or act as a checklist for the
information you need to gather,
If you have children not yet of legal age it is a good
ideal to list them so I can add them when I do the UCC1
filing. Effectively as you are their custodian you are
claiming their strawman up and until they are able to
do so themselves (when of legal age) as what you don't
claim is deemed by default to be the governments. Hope
that helps - Les.
Q: Although my original copyright is recorded
here...http://wxxxx ;this is a combined
Trademark/Tadename/Copyright filing.But it is not
notorized. Is that necessary?
A: Technically no, however since we have no choice but
to interface with government we need to communicate to
them in a way that they can understand. Since the
notary is an agent of government - once he stamps your
documents you have a document that the government can
acknowledge since it has been recognized by an
authority they trust and it establishes a time and
place. And from that basis we have a registered
contract upon which we can justifiable file a UCC1
lien. By the way I looked at the SA document and it is
notarized when I looked at it - however it is very
generic document.
Q: You'd mentioned to me that you would do an
updated(corrected) UCC-1 filing. I'd like to add my
children's names, a credit card # and my car to it. How
do we coordinate that?
A: Best go back to the site and fill in the SA form in
detail I would rather start from scratch and create a
new copyright notice and Security agreement. For the
copyright notice I can either use the text you posted
in the box or a version I use - Your choice.
In the new SSA You can list the vehicles and children
add in addition their birthday and ssn # if you have
them and your new name - give the date of its creation.
That is a little more than the form is asking for
currently but apparently the SSN is the nexus or
connection within the system for the children I am
beginning to think that without it the listing may be
AS for the credit card that is typically not listed nor
are mortgages unless of course you wish to claim a
liability. Lets treat them as if they belong to the
straw man through a contractual arrangement and leave
it there with the debtor your Straw man. You position
is that of the creditor - if you wish to discuss this
further we can.
Q: And lastly,my S.A.,HHIA,POE and my original
Copywrite notice,are all in my changed name instead of
my birth name. Should someone try to go after my birth
strawman,should I update those to add my "changed"
strawman as well? (I'm just trying to be thorough)
A: Yes, you want to claim everything going back to day
one. The key to all this is the security agreement.
With it I post a generic version in the UCC1 filing and
refer to the one you only hold for further details
Q: Les, it was great speaking to you on Friday! I am
anxious to get > going, I > have one question though.
I've come across the issue of who is the > "surety" >
for the strawman. Is this the same thing as the secured
party? If so, can > you > comment on the following?
Think of the surety as someone willing to stand behind,
that is to fulfill the obligations of another party,
who is beholding to someone else. In other words - a
backer. A: Agreed
The 'Secured party' is the one to whom another party
(the debtor) has an obligation to. He/it is also know
as the 'Creditor'.
A: Agreed
Q When completing a UCC/PPSA Financing Statement (FS)
keep in mind that the Secured Party (SP) must be a
fiction/Strawman because only fictions can function in
commerce. So the SP claims the Strawman Debtor (SD).
Then the SD signs over to the SP, for which you, the
living soul, are the agent, everything it owns via a
private contract called a Security Agreement (SA).
A:I have a problem with the above statement - typically
or normally that is the government line in regard to
the filing, the inherent problem if that is the case is
how can your SP as a strawman file against itself the
strawman. Make sense? It is true however that you need
a SA to do a filing otherwise you would not have a
legal justification to do so.
Q: Do not file the SA, only reference its number under
General Collateral on the FS.
Q:The SA gives you, the agent for the SP, a superior
claim over the SD thereby removing you as Surety for
the Strawman.
A: Not necessarily IF someone else has filed and or
perfected their claim first. Otherwise yes. Now I ask
you if you are the agent for the strawman and the
strawman is a corporation owned by the state, who are
you really working for and if you answer 'the State'
then do you not see that as a problem? It begs another
solution ;-).
Q: The only way you can rebut their presumption
that you are surety is to notice them with the FS; yet
you cannot operate in commerce so the strawman
operates for you and files the FS. So, it is the SP
which files the claim against the SD.
A: As above yes the SP files against the SD but only in
accordance to the terms within the SA. However the SP
is not the SD (the strawman).
Q: Now, any charge against the SD can be discharged by
you, the third party of interest, who now has a
superior claim over all rights, titles, and interests
of the Strawman. The problem the registries have in
filing these claims is that the SD and SP appear to be
the same entity since both are in upper case. So, be
creative: come up with different spellings, or women
can use a maiden name claiming the married name, or
list minor children first in order to distract them
from noticing that the SP is also listed amongst the
Debtors. If they reject the filing remember who you
are. They are my servants (they work for you), and all
you have to do is give them notice that the document is
registered with the post. Keep the record showing they
received it. Even though it will not be registered if
it is rejected, it only needs to be recorded to be in
I'm curious about the specific reference to the secured
party being the strawman as well. Can you clarify?
Please respond asap so we can get going.
A: Agree with you I am very curious as to the source -
I understand the logic yet it appears to me to be
deceptive. The SA by its very act seperates the secured
party - you - from the strawman and defines the role of
both parties. It is on that basis that you the SA file
against the SD and yes you do need to distinguish the
SP from the SD and there are challenges but it can be
Q Also, please confirm that my Security Agreement, UCC
Filing, PPSA, and copyright notice can be changed at
any time by me only. I saw this stated on the site but
couldn't find it again.
A: Yes of course - the SA is in your hands and can be
annotated at any time. The UCC Filing can be always at
any time be amended, changed, voided by you. If I do it
I will charge you $25 per occurance I usually allow one
change for corrections ditto for the copyright notice.
Q. Les, Can you please advise what my next step is with
the Copyright -- do notarize it and keep a copy -- do
i need to do something else -- do i put it into the
county to record it?
A: Hi D___, I cannot really answer you and do it justice
as I am not totally familiar with the system in every
state but think of it this way - if someone had a claim
against you where would they go to find out your
financial status and register a claim against you?
If the answer is the county clerk's office or the land
tiles' office then file a copy of the copyright notice
Is instructrive to look at how this version is written
it lists all the notified agencies, right in the
copyright itself in short everywhere your name is
registered. If you wish to cover all the bases thereby
you can but I am not advising you to do or not do that
as I do not want to take the liability of the
consequences - my role is primarily to facilitate the
public posting on the Internet - just think it through
and act accordingly.
In the copyright sample are listed the primary agencies
in Canada that this individual has notified - you may
wish to do the same to all agencies in the U.S. you are
attached to. For example if you renounce the use of
your name and notice the driver's licence authority and
still continue to posses the licence your actions are
inconsistent with your notice and negate the notice -
in other words think it through first as every thing
you do has a price of inconvenience. I cannot and will
not do that thinking for you. To make a clean break
from all agencies may be a little extreme particularily
if you need your car as a means of earning an income.
Your security agreement should allow you to use the
CAPS name as the CEO of the coprporate name for the
purpose of doing commerce but as a minimum I would post
a claim everywhere your property is referenced. For
property you will have file a UCC1 at the county level
in each county that the property resides. I will
provide instructions on how to do that on the
completion of the Security Agreement.
The following is an excert from the 3 Step Process on
the site. It should be helpful.
What options do you have?
Well you can always claim back the use of your name and
all its derivatives by posting a public notice
prompting anyone to come forth to contest that right.
It is unlikely that the STATE will come forward to
confirm their claim as the ARTIFICIAL CREATION was in
the first instance derived from your family and given
names nor do the STATE's agents wish to bring these
issues into public awareness.
The Public Notice & Ownership by Default of Claim
The significance of posting a public notice is that
when you post a notice it stands in truth legally by
the test of time that is IF no one comes forth to
contest it. Once a week for 4 weeks in a local paper
where legal notices are made is considered a reasonable
notice. Use the first few sentences of the copyright
notice when you post your notice in the paper and
indicate that the rest can be found at the your
http://www.copyright-name.comweb page address to save
on the cost of posting the whole thing.
The copyright notice claims the use of your family and
given names back to you - it states no one has the
authority to use it except with your permission as it
is derived from your family and given names which you
being the source have first claim on but only if you
assert it. Be aware that what you do not claim, legally
the STATE assumes negligence and ownership by default.
The Copyright Notice - Not a copyright as much as a
Notice of Right
You from the family "Henry' with the given names "John
Frank" are a creation of the natural world (God if you
will) and as such no one, no body has any authority
over you (except your creator) - but here's the catch -
only if you believe it and act accordingly! If someone
transgresses your rights to your name it is up to tell
them (give them notice) that there was a trespass (that
your rights were violated) and the penalties that will
incur if they continue to do so. By sending them by
registered letter a copy of your Copyright-Name Notice
which technically is not so much a copyright as a Claim
of Right you serve notice that any violations in the
use of any derivative of your given and family names
will incur the penalties stated within. And if they
continue to use the name they do so under the terms of
the Copyright- name self-executing contract.
From using the copyright notice:
Your security agreement and your copyright is legal
proof on paper that they have no authority. You can go
further and make a notarized statement that you do not
recognize all authorities naming each and every one (
as they are fictions that do not exist except on paper
in the real world).
If you have a transgression I would send a letter to
all parties something similar to the below"
Attn _____ Dept of _____ ___________
Re: (Property ________ _________ )
Dear Sir
consider this letter as serving notice ( that there is
a prior UCC lien on the property in question ) as per
notice attached" Should you continue to harass
and conditions of the attached copyright notice will
come into effect.
_________________________ Agent for FIRSTNAME
attached: Copyright Notice for FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME
Q: Hey Les I Just have a few questions before I
proceed that I'm a little concerned about. Does
anything I acquire after becoming a secure party have
to be added on to the security agreement at a later
time? If I have family property and investments that
will come to me at a later time that is shared with
siblings and parents, does this also need to be
mentioned in the security agreement?
A: The way I set it up I am able to enter in the
information submitted on the form but the bulk of the
information will be entered by you after the fact. In
the ucc1 filing reference will be made to the security
agreement by its ID#. which means that you can update
and change it anytime without having to update the UCCI
the PPSA or the copyright-notice. It becomes part of
your private papers only to be shown to others if you
ever should need to validate that you have a claim
against the straw-man.
Q: Also I should let you know I am married and I'm
wondering if the property, back accounts and
investments that I share with my wife will affect my
wife in any way once I become a secure party?
A: I would think you would only have claim on the share
that the two straw-man have either agreed to or are
deemed to have by legislation.
Q: After discussing this with my wife, she has also
showed interest in becoming a secure party, and if she
does will this affect anything we own in both our
A: Doesn't change anything other than she now is
claiming her share. The bottom line on all this is what
is not claimed reverts to the government by the
doctrine of neglect. So claim everything that you
produced even your children and your own bodies. Of
course if you believe we are all equal under the
creator you cannot claim your wife as your property nor
she you but as you have custody of your children if
under age claim them. When you get the form all you
have to do is fill in the banks - make a rough or
backup copy.
Q: Sorry for all the questions but it feels like I will
be taking a big step in my life that can affect both me
and my family. Thank-you M
A: Not a problem M__ just realize everything I say is
only my opinion or my take on it not legal advice. My
position is that as we are all equals, my opinion is
just as valid as yours, my beliefs are just as valid as
yours and vice versa and it would be presumptuous of me
to impose my beliefs on you.
All I can do is come from common sense and what seems
reasonable to me. Coming from this position what ever
you say it is, it is - which gives you a lot of power
'notwithstanding' anyone else's interpretation of what
you mean, as you are and can only be your own
authority. (Quebec wouldn't buy into Trudeau's view of
Canada because of the 'notwithstanding' clause he would
not bow down to a superior authority or agree to give
someone the right of last interpretation and neither
should we.)
The paperwork in this scenario by your actions
documents that fact ( your belief you are not the
strawman )So when you do this 'act' of separating
yourself from the strawman by treating it with the
security agreement as being separate from you, it is
separate from you - that is a big step. The paperwork
is merely documentation but documentation that is
recognizable by government by having it witnessed by
its agents. Now you can act independently of it legally
as documented and use it when it is to your advantage
without the liability associated with it, since you do
not own it and what accrues in its name does not
benefit you if it can be taken away at a moment's
notice. This is why you must lien it since everything
it has was created by you. The only caviate is that you
have to act and behave in a consistent matter that is
congruent with your beliefs and that my friend is the
most difficult part as we have been conditioned for so
long to believe we are the strawman. [ For example if I
were to call you as Mr. C____ I bet you would anwser
- I am teasing but it is embedded very deep into out
Hope that assists you - this is more of an exercise of
mind than anything but so is the legal system as that
is all it is based on in my humble opinion. Understand
that in its full implications and then you understand
how everything else falls into place and act
accordingly in your private affairs - nobody need be
any the wiser unless they transgress and then you need
to take a stand by noticing them once, twice three
times before you take any action against them. That is
the civilized response and that is how the copyright
notice is meant to be used. With the paper work you are
establishing clearly your boundaries and claiming back
what is rightfully yours so others will respect you as
a human being and not some 'thing' which is objectified
as a means to an end.
Forgive me if its a little heavy. Basically as the
creator of everything you believe and make, you are the
boss and no one has any right to take that away from
you - ONLY if that is, you set clear boundaries and are
prepared to 'no'tice them if they transgress or cross
into your clearly defined territory or jurisdiction.
Since they live in a paper world we have to communicate
with paper. The problem in this age of political
correctness is that we just don't know how to say
'no':-) Cheers!
Q: What is this copyright process?
A: The copyright-name process with out getting too wordy:
An agreement is made between one's transmitting utility
known more commonly as a straw man and oneself as a
human being. This is known as a security agreement.
This changes ones relationship to the straw man from a
corporation sole to a corporation aggregate. Go back to
the site for the definitions of both. See the link on
the first page of the site "contents-site map".
The presumption by the state is that you are a
corporation sole whenby there is no distinction between
yourself and it. By the very nature of doing the
security agreement one make the separation between the
corporate entity and yourself. You the human acts as
its agent and executive subsequently which removes you
from corporate liability and transfers it to the proper
owner which is the State. However one needs to
communicate this in a way that the state understands.
On the basis of the contract (security agreement) that
is notarized (recognized by an agent of the state) one
may lien the strawman using the UCC1 - this puts it
into the system in a way that the Syatem can recognise.
The copyright-notice is a misnomer it is rather a
public notice signifying that you have a prior claim to
the use of your name and have made the seperation as
referenced by the UCC1 and substanciated by the
contract known as the Security Agreement.
If no one protests your claim through the public notice
(Copyright Notice) that solidify's your claim through
the standing of time. It also is an self executing
agreement which you can send other parties to prevent
them from using your name which is derived from your
given and family name. The word copyright-notice
implies ownership of the strawman name but as that is
created by the State it is owned by the State. You are
establishing the right for use.
All 3 documents form the basis of a paper trail which
backs up your belief system that you are a 3rd rather
than a 16th amendment citizen which is handy should you
wish to strategically differentiate your self from
someone who is bound to the rules and regulations
associated with a 16th amendment citizen. This can be
expanded into areas concerning tax obligations, and
permits such as driver's licenses but I neither have
the experience nor the information that is particular
to your State. As stated to your husband while it may
be tempting to dissociate yourself formally from all
those associations it may not be wise and further more
with the Security Agreement you have the benefit of
using the transmitting utility without the obligation
assoicated with it. Its like having the option to drive
the company car because you are the manager (not the
owner) of the corporation FIRSTNAME LASTNAME and so you
have the benefits of both worlds.
If you fill in the forms I have more detailed
information that will automatically be sent you as par
for the course.
Should children be listed under both my wife  and I or
just one of us?
A: This is up to you, 1) if under one there are claimed
2) or they in a sense are both your responsibility so
it makes sense to claim on both 3) they are other
issues, the future forbid, what if one of you dies or
you get divorced. - by default I would put them under
both but you tell me.
Q: Under 140 Postal Addresses, please can you
include c/o the same address as well to distinguish
between the two or does that matter?
A: No, it is one and the same in the sense it refers in
one case to a physical location and in the other a
fictitious one superimposed over the same physical
location if that makes any sense. Some people use
"near" rather "in care of". In any case the attempt is
to make a disassociation of the address with the
physical man - the same purpose is achieved by the
word "non-domestic" in my humble opinion.
Q. Are you familiar with Winston Shrout ?
A: Yes but not in detail as I mentioned on the phone.
Q: Do you know the full process of using our birth
certificate as the security bond ?
A: Familiar yes.
Q. This is supposed to allow us to do a set off of all
our debt. If applied to government.
Q. It will also give us unlimited credit to live life
and not have to work a job. (Mary Elizabeth Croft)
A: I have a little difficulty with that concept as it sounds
like something for nothing which I do not buy into. How
ever there is a difference between the concept of a
credit system and a debit system whereby one promotes
or supports human development whereas the other takes
away from it.
Q. Do you know some states don't want SSI #'s on the
A: Yes there is a definite risk of identity theft
however there are ways to minimize the risk. No one in
the past three years has had any issues with what I
have done that I am aware of.
Q. How long does your process take? 
A: It takes me
approximately 4 hours to do what I do typically I am
done within 40 hours of notification of payment pending
getting a draft form back with corrections.
Q: Do you File thru Maine:
A: No, I used to file through Maine
as they allowed me to file as a transmitting utility
which means there is no time limit - no other State
other than one that I know does - at least on line -
but I could not get around the secured party being
entered in FULL CAPS; I have since found a better
doorway into the UCC1 filing system that accepts
whatever I submit every time without question.
Q: Do I complete the blanks once the final doc is done?
A: Yes. 1- I don't want the responsibility of all  that information just not
comfortable with it - I do however encrypt the files on
my own computer and control access to the download
sites. 2- It is a live document you can add to it
anytime just initial it any subsequent changes after
being notarized in script to represent you and in
printed form to represent your legal name. This is the
beauty of using a referencing number for the document.
Q: Should I surrender my DRIVER LICENSE before or after
I file? (my choice)
A: As far as the Driver License my rule of thumb is
never abandon anything until you already have something
in place to replace it otherwise you may find yourself
stranded not able to do anything.
Q: Does it matter where the notary is?
A: It does not matter where the Notary is as long as he
an agent of the State. The main purpose is to have him
witness signing the paper documents and in that sense
make it becomes paper that is recognized by the State.
Q: Hey, I stumbled across your site. I and a small
group are just about to file our UCC Security
agreements. My question to you about this, is, what if
I don't own a lot of things (on purpose).
A: The exercise is to separate one's self from the
legal name - you do that just by having a contract -
the security 'agreement'. Any contract by its very
nature implies a minimum of 2 parties - that is your
contractual separation. Now you have a contract upon
which you can file a UCC1 as the straw man has agreed
to it. This security filing establishes your
relationship on record with the Secretary of State as
the creditor and it (the State) as your debtor since
they own the Straw man by virtue of the fact they
created it. Therefor what you have in terms of claiming
is while not irrelevant not the main thrust of the
exercise. However what you do not claim, that is over
$1000 in value just to draw the line somewhere, reverts
to the State by the doctrine of neglect so you might as
well claim it.
Q: I have bank accounts, a guitar, stereo, books,
books, books, a bike, you know, just stuff. Do I name
all that on the security and Copyright documents?
A: Its sufficient to claim all over $1000 as a rule and
or which ties you into the system with an identity
number as claiming things like a pencil would be
ridiculous. Stuff like banks accounts you will fill in
the blanks once you get the security agreement - all
you add into the form I will add in the master form in
a PDF format. I don't ask for bank accounts and similar
information directly as I feel its best I don't have
the responsibility of knowing that type of information.
The most critical piece is the SSS # as it is my
understanding that I need that to do a complementary
filing. I do suggest that people follow that up on
their own with a paper filing ( I do provide samples to
follow if requested )as I cannot do that bit physically
for what I am charging. Most of the security agreement
is fill in the blanks and it never leaves your
possession other than getting it notarized.
Q:I actually like that you post in the public Internet
as well. Do you tailor the material specifically for
the individual.
A: Basically I use the same format - the Public Notice
claims the right of use over the name - and is a self
executing contract with penalties if some uses your
name without your permission - it also makes reference
to the security agreement and the filing for further
reinforcement though it can stand on its own with out
it technically. Its sort of like staking a claim and if
nobody comes forth as having a problem with it over
time (like squatter's rights) you have substantiated
you claim over it.
Q: Will I receive an indemnity bond number with this
A: Yes it will have its own separate identifier. If you
have any other questions feel free to call me. I like
to take that occasion to clarify exactly what it is we
are doing and the why fors in plain simple language -
Q: i work long hours, just need info ,pr ice, what its
all about,i knew nothing of this
A: Best to go to the main site and read Read to the bottom and
click the links you find there to give you an overall
view and take you through the pages in the site.
I have two forms on the site - the main one is the
security agreement - from that inputted information I
create 3 documents - the whole idea is to separate
yourself from your legal name ( you came first your
name came second ) as distinct from who you are someone
with a given name belonging to a family group known as.
One is obligated to contractual obligations to the
State the other is not.
To create 2 documents, the security agreement and the
public posting I charge $200 or $100 separately. With
the security agreement - I file what is called a UCC1
as a complimentary service to assist people getting
started on this path. In the end you get 3 PDF's and an
Internet public posting establishing your claim
regarding your new status which gives you certain
advantages as now you become the creditor to your legal
name and it becomes your DEBTOR. Since the legal name
was created by the State it therefore means that the
STATE is now your debtor. That may be too much to
absorb at one time but that is the gist of it. The
history behind it and how this all got started is on
the site.
Once you submit your information I tap you into further
information but absorb what is on the site first.
Q: Les, yes the information seems to be complete I
would like to add my wife's name to the additional
Debtors name. All other information I can add to the
document before I file here in the State
A: I can add your wife as a debtor if you so wish
however I normally do not - my understanding is that
you claim your property including your body as that is
your responsibility as you claim the property of under
age children and their bodies since they are your
responsibility until the age of majority. Your wife in
that sense like your grown children are independent and
properly she must claim what is properly hers or
default by the doctrine of neglect to the State.
However my approach here is not that of the expert as
that goes contrary to the position of recognizing you
as a fellow sovereign being - you decide what it is
what you want to do as I in that sense am only your
reflection or bounce back if you will and am here only
here to assist you in doing what you want.
Feel free to call me I usually go through a 5 minute
explanation which clarifies at least my position on
this process giving you a clear understanding of what
we are doing, your role in the process and an
opportunity to ask any questions you might want some
further clarity on.
Q: I also have a business, an LLC and wondering if it
needs to be added to this security agreement and UCC-1
filing... Also, I went to do the state UCC-1 filing and
it states it needs an address. Can I use my PO Box?
Please advise.
A: Yes consider them as if they are your
children/possessions effectively a DBA. All business
are effectively legal entities created by the State
during registration and are therefor owned by the State
as is your legal name. Same girl-different dress. I
would use your business address, if that is your PO Box
use that.
If you have a house address that is associated with
your legal name I would use it as your main address.
Q:How would I send my own copy of the terms and
conditions of using my trade-name
A: 1) You can copy and paste it into the large comment
box at the bottom of the form. Just make sure you
include your name and email address at a minimum so the
form will meet the minimum requirement for sending.
2)You can scan it into a jpeg or gif format and I work
with it from there. Either email it or upload it into
the mailbox I set up for you.
3)You can save as a word document and send it to me as
an attachment or upload it to the mailbox in 2.
Q: where do you file the UCC. I hear it has to be filed
in the States, because we are not US citizens. I hear a
lot of conflicting info, and it's getting a little
A: I understand, I purposely try to cut through all
Basically we create an agreement with your legal name -
that contact implies two parties and creates in that
action your separation with the legal entity.
Now that the entity will be separated from you it needs
someone to do its administration and you on the other
hand are faced with the problem that everything you
worked for in its name. So the deal in the contract is:
you on one hand act as its administrator and it in turn
allows you to use its stuff.
Furthermore since everything you created is in its
name, it agrees that since it cannot pay you back as
the rightful owner that you may lien it. Now you are in
the position to do just that.
You either file a UCC1 or PPSA (Canada) which is really
a notice establishing a lien in the public records
which once accepted is on record that you are its
creditor and it is your debtor. Now since the State
created the legal entity and therefore owns it - this
makes you its creditor.
That should clarify it for you in no uncertain terms.
I, to assist people, file a complementary electronic
filing of a UCC1 that establishes you as a creditor on
record in the UCC database for all countries in the
world. It doesn't matter if you are an American or a
Canadian. Then I create a public notice documentation
referring to that fact and making a claim on the right
to use your name (since the legal name was derived from
your given and family names without your permission).
Subsequent to that, I suggest you do a paper filing in
your province or state where you live and if different
where you have property or were born and give you some
suggestions and samples that you can easily follow.
Some people do this, some don't. Some are successful
and some are not. In any case even if your paper filing
follow up is unsuccessful you have my filing
documentation to fall back on and there are procedures
I suggest you follow if one isn't successful so the
exercise in any case is not for naught and provides an
additional paper trail providing further evidence
backing up your belief that you are a sovereign human
In any case for what I am charging I get you to first
base with documentation that you can refer to that
establishes you as the creditor and your legal name as
your debtor and that is where I stop. The follow up
steps are to ensure that all authorities you are
dealing with are informed of your status so that they
treat you in that light.
Hopefully that clarifies a lot. Most people call me and
through a conversation I am able to clarify what we are
doing to the point where I know they understand. Its a
simple process - the difficulty is in how we think
simply because of how we have been conditioned and all
of us have to go through this process of clarification.
- Les.
Q: The number I used off my birth certificate was a red
number in the lower left hand corner. Is this correct?
Other than that I believe everything is correct on the
information I filled out.
Q: Hi Les, I could not find a spot to fill in my
employment pay on the form. Have I done something
wrong or where should I find it? Also, the number I
used off my birth certificate was a red number in the
lower left hand corner. Is this correct? Other than
that I believe everything is correct on the information
I filled out.
A: The red number if that is all there is - is all we
can use to reference it.
Anything greater than $1000 in value can be listed
under the last section in the security agreement before
the indemnity bond. As for pay - I would work on the
assumption that would go into deposit at your bank [I
am not suggesting that you give me that bank account
information as I would rather you complete that type of
information by hand after I complete the final
version]. Outside of that it is covered by general
Q: I was working on filling out the UCC-1 for the state
in which I live and was not sure if I wanted to put the
business which I own I believe that you should have
this information to put on the UCC-1 National filing.
Also, do I need to also do a UCC-1 filing for the state
in which I live. The business was started 02/19/07.
Business # is XXXX
A: I will complete your papers now and include the
business information you should get that shortly - As
for the other filings when I complete at my end here I
will give other information that will assist you in
doing paper filings in your state and birth state. In
some sense it will an overlap but at least you know
that you have all bases covered.
Q: what is the cheapest way to file all these papers
the right way that I am protected and can start drawing
on my TDA?
A: All I can say is that you first have to establish
yourself as the creditor by filing a UCC1 but before
you can do that you need to have a valid contract with
your legal entity in FULL CAPS (STRAW MAN). What I do
is create that contract for you - the security
agreement which separates you from your legal name and
gives you permission to lien the legal name. I do a
complimentary UCC1 filing for you to establish you on
record as the creditor and the State as the debtor.
Since the State owns the legal name by the fact that it
created the STRAW MAN liening the Full caps name
establishes you as its creditor. I follow that up by
creating a public notice that you can file in the
county clerks office and post publicly to notice
everyone of your new status.
To create the public notice separately I charge $100,
to create the SA separately I charge $100 together it
is $200 in all it is 4 hours work on my part I doubt
very much whether you can get it done any cheaper than
that. My intention is to assist people in getting to
first base and that for what I charge is where I stop.
After that, once you status is established you are in a
position to charge back your accounts much in the same
way a restaurant owner would sign off his breakfast
bill and tell the waitress that the accountant will
take care of the adjustment of the account.
Hopefully that answers your question.
Q: Les, Yep, I agree with both changes. What is next
for me? I know I have to get the documents notarized,
and published in the local paper. You are placing the
copyright notice on your public access web site
A: Correct
Q:I know the UCC1 document must be filed with the
Secretary of State here in My State, but when you
mention filing at your end. I'm not sure if thats
places the copyright notice on your public web site or
some other government filing besides the UCC1. Can you
please elaborate a little bit on what you do & what I
still have to do?
A: As part of the SA security agreement I file a
complementary filing using the UCC doorway provided me
through the State of Blank. Primarily my reasons are
self serving as it allows me to complete the Public
Notice Document which references the SA and the UCC
filing. The benefit to my clients are that they have
recognition in the UCC system of having a filing that
has been accepted unadulterated which in some states
are very difficult to attain particularly as the
creditor who is a flesh and blood human being [which by
the way is a permanent filing thru Blank not limited by
a 2 -3 or 5 year term].
I suggest however you do not rest on that and assume
that internally Blank state communicates to every other
state in a mutually shared database which may or may
not be the case. Therefore the suggestion is to
complement this with a paper filing in each state that
you have property and the state of your birth.
I hope that clarifies it.
Q: Now, I need to place the notice in my local paper,
under the section that handles notices of estate sales,
etc. correct? I'll run it through this month.
A: Once a week four weeks - in a paper where government
makes their notices would probably be better since that
is who you wish to notice but notice of estates seems
fine to me again your judgement is as good as mine.
Q: I assume having it in my local paper is adequate
public exposure. Do I simply refer to the web site
listing, or how would you word the notification?
A: Your perspective is just as good as mine but
borrowing from the notice this is how I would do it.
PUBLIC NOTICE: ©John-Edward: Henry is not in the
capacity or character of a PERSON as defined by Statute
nor bound with any obligation, contract promise of any
kind, except by his or her prior written authorization.
By this notice be aware that any violation (s) violator
(s) of the claimants rights on the claim to all
derivatives of his or her given and family name as
stated herein are bound to the terms of this Self
Executing User Agreement retained by the claimant.
Please refer to complete notice posted here
Alternatively.  PUBLIC NOTICE: All right reserved
regarding the name of John Edward Henry see
Q:I just want to be sure of the prices: Security
Agreement and Indemnity Bond with UCC-1 filing in my
state 150.00 and copyright notice additional 75.00 is
this correct?
A:  Together everything is $150 [Now $200] and
separately $100 each.
Q: I am sure you get asked this a lot but is all my
information secure with you?
A: Funnily enough nobody has ever asked me that. The
form information is sent encrypted. The information I
have at my end is encrypted and password protected. I
send your completed forms via a download link which
avoids using email which is insecure and furthermore I
suggest if people are to use email that they can use a
simple encryption tool which they can download thorough
a link I provide.
However although that is simple to use its been my
experience that a lot of people are challenged by
anything more involved than an email attachment. Bottom
line security is as good as the user and what I have
done minimizes that risk.
The other factor is trust either you do or you don't. I
suggest give me a call, get a sense of who I am, read
my stuff on site, subscribe to my blog, my newsletters,
to get an idea from where I am coming from [ see
tag line at bottom of this email ].
[NOTE: What I do now is set up personal mail boxes
through which one can upload and download information]
Q: Did you > get all my personal property listed
because the email sent to me didn't > list it all
(might not have been enough room) or is that what would
go on > Attachment B.
Reply: the feedback is limited in how much it will send
you back, its an internal program thing which truncates
the amount of data you are sent back. The intent there
in is to catch obvious mistakes I put it in some kind
of context that allows you to make sense of it - that
is spot an obvious mismatch should you of
misinterpreted what kind of information I was asking.
[NOTE I used to automatically send you a copy of what
you entered in the form but now I strictly limit that
to your full legal name and address.]
Q: Do I need to get my birth certificate # prior to you
doing this for me or can I add it later?
A: You can add that later along with other information
I do not ask on the form simply because its information
I would rather not have ie: bank account information.
What I do enter means you do not have to enter it by
hand. Frankly I am surprised about how much information
people do give me. Occasionally I chastise them for it.
Q: Once I have the Security Agreement, Indemnity Bond
and copyright on my name, what would be the next step,
the Federal level?
A: What I have done is start you on a paper trail which
now substantiates a belief system that you are a
sovereign human being. It also establishes you as the
creditor and the State the debtor in the UCC system. I
suggest you follow up what I have done through an
electronic UCC filing by doing a paper filing wherever
you have property and your birth state. I do provide
information that will give you suggestions that you can
follow to avoid most of pitfalls - its like exercise
some things you have to do yourself. This gives you a
running start but it is as far as I can take you -
going further demands more hand holding and more time
than I am willing to commit - what I provide is a
limited service - if you talk to me and I do make
myself available you will have a clear understanding of
what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is a
slow process not because of anything I do or not do but
because like a fish in water we are so immersed into
our conditioning its much better to not rush into
things too quickly as it can get you into difficulties
where you cut off one thing and do not have anything to
fall back on. Having said that with the Security
agreement you do have the benefits that the Legal
Entity is entitled to without the liabilities.
Filing a lien against the legal entity based on the
that agreement puts you in an interesting position
whereby you may wish to exercise other options but I do
not take people there and I caution them not to have
dollar signs in their eyes - that is to be driven by
greed or to be their own guinea pig as that will only
get you into trouble - this is a process of
understanding who you are and then taking
responsibility for yourself in claiming what is
rightfully yours and distancing yourself from
attachments that you have not willing entered into.
Its really about coming into awareness and then acting
sensibly and responsibly. The more people that do this
the better it will be for all of us and to the benefit
of your family and your children in particular.
Rather long reply but hopefully you get the sense of
it. In short there are no quick fixes however the
public notice is very powerful tool combined with the
UCC filing once you are aware of how to use it. I
assist people in getting to first base on a solid
foundation and there are other places that you can go
on from there.
Q: Les, Since the online copy on the Internet is
unsigned, I wasn't sure if it carried the same weight
as the actual legal signed & notarized copy. Does a
person have the option of publishing an electronically
signed & notarized copy? Or is it irrelevant as long
as the paper copy I hold is fully executed?
A: Very good question, Normally I add at the top of the
electronic notice where it says "Note:" something to
the effect of "Please verify with the debtor that this
is a current representation of the contents of the
current public notice in effect". This recognizes that
what is posted on the Internet can never be the
original document that is signed but only a
representation of it. It still acts as a notice and
puts the owness on the reader to verify if it is
current should it not be the latest version.
IF you wish you can get what you have notarized version
scanned and I will post that instead. The intent is in
the communication. Please advise.
Q: I assume I must sign for the straw man in "ALL CAPS".
I'm going to try & get the security agreement notarized
A: Yes that is correct - your signature is in flowing
script form and the ALL CAPS name is in machine block
Q: I want to express again how grateful I am to have
found you and had the opportunity to work with you. I
hope to have many more opportunities to discuss our
current life conditions with you. I would also like to
know how you gained your current level of experience as
I have just begun this long road to enlightenment and
You had previously mentioned six separate involvements
with groups who either claimed success or were
attempting to successfully access their own straw man
accounts (or their equivalent). Were most of them
simply "accepted for value" philosophies, or were they
more direct, as in "Treasury Direct" Accounts?
When you get a moment free, I'd appreciate any thoughts
you have on the subject. they might save me a lot of
fruitless time spent in pursuit of false leads, as both
the truth and a lot of bullshit abounds on the web.
A: The "Montana Freeman" supposedly tied into the
treasury account enough to be buying shopping malls and
the like. However they all ended up in jail why? Well
they stepped onto someone elses territory the Mafia.
All rumour I can't back any of that up and their sites
are all taken down. However you may try the wayback
machine and see if their sites are recorded there.
Q: I'm still trying to determine if anyone out there
has successfully taken financial control of their
accounts to do what bankers get to do all day. Issue
money based on my signature.
A: Look up the Lakota nation, and listen to the second
part of Irene's seminar under human rights in the blog
- the latter are moving towards setting a sovereign
bank it appears the Lakota have done it - not what you
are asking though. A group I was aware tried to do
something through their mortgages but got stopped when
they couldn't find a buyer for their paper, they came
close many times and when they had a deal a bigger bank
bought that bank out and killed the deal. Another doing
a similar thing in my opinion was a scam from beginning
to end and took peoples money but nothing materialized
from it. Another I bought into by buying gold that was
intended to set up banks to leverage the value of gold
100 times for shareholders while promising I am afraid
none of us will see our gold or our money again.
Personally I let other people be the guinea pigs if it
works out for them I will consider it, but wait a few
years as it may take that long for the authorities to
catch up with them. What was it that your mother said
about a free lunch?
Q: Why the "-" in between the first and middle name of
the Secured Party?
A:Just like FIRSTNAME LASTNAME differentiates the full
caps name from the upper and lower case name this works
in reverse. It distinguishes you as a member of a
family group as opposed to the presumption that you are a
legal entity.
'Henry-Frank: Jones' would read and is interpreted as,
"I am 'Henry Frank' of the tribe or family group
'Jones'". Now if anyone asks you why, you can define it
so that there is absolutely no ambiguity.
Q: Is the Public Notice filed with the security
agreement [SA] and indemnity bond as a single document?
A: No I combined everything in the DRAFT form - the SA
and indemnity Bond is a private contract between you
and the legal entity - it is Private. The Notice is
Public and its purpose is to make a public claim on the
use of any and all derivatives of your given and family
names (not ownership). The UCC1 is also a public
announcement that you on the basis of the private
contract are now the legal name's creditor (and it is
your debtor) it is filed with the Secretary of State as
a lien for the purpose of noticing all other creditors
that "you are first in time and first in line" when it
comes to any other party making claims to be paid out
against the legal entity. This will discourage any one
coming after you as you would have to be paid out
Re the Public Notice It is a misnomer to call it a
copyright notice as it is illegal to copyright the
legal name (the name in full caps) the reason should be
self evident [it is created and therefore owned by the
state]. The intention is to stake a claim publicly to
see if anyone will contest it (namely the State).
Having passed the test of time, giving the public an
opportunity your claim has credence. I will give you
more information as to how to follow up on that once I
complete my end here.
Q. There is a copyright on the Secured Parties name as
well as the Debtor?
A: You claim the use of all derivations of your name.
Q: Looks great I'll need to reread it several times
though :)
A: Keep in mind, the SA 1) establishes a separation by
the very fact a contract implies two parties and
supercedes all other previously implied contracts. 2)
It gives you permission to lien the legal entity -
therefor you now have the basis upon which to file a
public claim (notice) against it with the Secretary of
Q: What about a notice for diplomatic immunity, is that
something that is done on the public notice or the
security agreement?
A: What follows may sound convoluted but I think you
are up to it:
Let me put it this way, The intention of this
particular public notice is to lay claim on the use of
the name and to use it as tool to discourage another
parties use of it - unless they are willing to pay the
price as is so stipulated within what is a self-
executing contract. So let me ask you does the aspect
of diplomatic immunity enter into this particular
public notice - granted it is related but would not
introducing it within the same document be mixing
apples and oranges so to speak?
Having said that if you wish to modify the document or
add anything to it I am willing to accommodate you as
the intention here in is for me to act strictly as your
In my humble opinion sovereign immunity is established
by going through this initial process and then building
upon it. Once this bit is complete you have the ability
to control the legal entity as its administrator ( on
the basis of your contract with it) and also use its
stuff while keeping your separation from it. The only
caveat I would add do not abandon it entirely unless
you have something else to replace it first. For
example it is fine to turn in your driver's license but
if you have nothing to replace it that can be very
inconvenient. In that case you would want to have the
equilivant of diplomatic papers that are recognized and
also diplomatic plates. It is conceivable that you can
use these papers generated by this process to be
formally recognized as a foreign traveler but this is
not necessarily a straight forward process and there
may other solutions out there you may leverage such as
becoming adopted with another sovereign nation such as
an Indian tribe who have already done all the
preliminary work.
Q: 1. The SA and Public Notice are notarized?
A: Yes this establishes 4 of the 5 w's who, what, why,
when, and where, 'W'ho the parties represented by the
contract of the SA. 'W'here the contract was signed,
'W'hat was signed and acknowledged/witnessed 'W'hen it
was signed and acknowledged
Q: Signing for the STRAWMAN looks like this: MAC?
A: No, only when you initial and date any subsequent
Q. Signing for the real man looks like a normal
signature (autograph)?
A: Yes - you may wish to add the '-' and the full colon
':' but that it up to you.
Q: The SA doesn't get filed with the Secretary of
A: Not if you can avoid it, like I did through Blank I
made reference to the "Security Agreement" and
"Indemnity Bond" by its reference numbers. It is not in
your best interest to conveniently inventory all your
most intimate financial details and put it into the
public domain.
Q: Can I write in extra things in the SA with
blue/black ink like a bank accnt?
A: Of course. What you add as particulars is what the
State can do only as generalities this gives you a
stronger claim when it comes to the nitty gritty -
details always overrule generalities.
Q: So you filed my UCC1?? Or you filed it in Blank and
I need to file it here in Nevada?
A: Yes I did, I have effectively filed a notice of your
new status as creditor in the Blank Office of the UCC
where I know it will be accepted with no alterations to
my submitted text. You have that status now publicly
posted inside their system for anyone to look up should
they wish to, particularly if you make reference to the
filing and let them know that it is on public record.
Now you should do the same thing in your resident State
to ensure the office their is noticed by doing a paper
filing. They may or may not accept. If they do accept
it they may alter it not to your specifications. In
any case there is a recourse and you always have my
filing I did for you through Blank to fall back on.
Q: A few other things: the SA Indemnity bond says
$100,000,000 and public notice says $500,000.
A: These are two different applications
The Indemnity Bond is to protect you the living soul
from creditors coming after the legal entity.
The Public Notice has to do with the penalty or cost
associated with the use of any derivatives of your name
Q: Page 5 doesn't have living soul as does page 1.
A: No Problem I can add that in for you - anything
Q: Awesome!? Some more questions; Can my debit VISA
card be added in the security agreement??
A: In my opinion why would you want to claim a debt? An
asset, yes but not a debt.
Q: Under schedule B on the birth certificate, should I
try and dig up all the info for that to secure the
indemnity bond?? Like the county, the bond #, hospital
address, etc??
A: If you can it is worth the exercise as details
always overrule generalities. In other words if you were
the true owner you naturally would know more of the
Q: Is the secured party part of a county or state or is
that something I conjure up?
A: If you use my analogy of the cat scan test that four
legged animal does not acknowledge a County or State as
that is a man made or mind made concept which does not
exist in any physical reality.
The secured party is you as a human animal a living
soul if you will in a life and blood body that walks on
the face of the earth on a particular land mass where
he was born and or presently lives upon.
You don't conjure up anything other than perhaps to
identify yourself as a member of a family grouping that
lives on the continent of NA in a city called Xxxxx.
ie. I am Henry-Frank of the Jones family from Pasadena.
Q: Just have to say that you do awesome work and I have
a handful of people who will be going through you to
begin this process. :)
A: Thank you I appreciate that. I am just come from
common sense but if I think about it goes much deeper
than that to my father and mother and how I was brought
up to be an independent thinker. Not the easiest way to
go though. Cheers! - Les.
Q: Do you know anything about the 1099 OID process?
A: Being on the north side of the 49th I am not
qualified to comment on it. However listen to Winston
on my blog - use scroggle for other commentary as below
- I included one site in that search which appears
Q: I guess the link does not carry from machine to
A: Just Go to and do a search for "1099
OID process" for more info than I can possibly give
I use scroggle as goggle keeps a search database on
Q: What choices do I have, as a sovereign, when I enter
information under Employer Name/Employer City/Employer
State when applying for a credit card, as well as the
Income Source and Income Amount?
A: Basically you always act in truth and protect your
rights. A credit card is a convenience attached to
conditions. In essence as I understand it your
application is treated as a promise to pay interest on
an agreed amount - an account is set of for that
initial amount of the card recognizing that and guess
what they charge you interest on your own promise to
pay which is how money is entered into the system
through credit cards.
Besides they in the process create another straw man in
full caps associated with the card. Knowing that you
might have second thoughts about doing it. I suspect if
you signed the application reserving all rights that
they will not accept the application.
Q: Should I sign all the documents with a RED thumb
print,notorize it and then take it to the clerk of
A: You could if you think that is necessary - sign in
script form for yourself in block letters for the
Debtor having the notary witness should be sufficient.
A thumb print is like a notary seal in itself verifying
your unique human presence - in this instance we want
it to be a piece of paper recognized by the State for
our own purposes - therefore the notary otherwise the
notary due to the thumb would not be really necessary.
(p.s. Do you really want to give the State biometric
Q: Don't I own all variations of the straw man name?
A: You are going to have to wrestle with the middle
class idea of 'ownership' what is more important is
You never own the straw man as you never created it. You
do want to 'control' the use however of any and all
derivatives of your name. The straw man operates in many
capacities each created and defined by different
Q: What are my options as far as how to go about
obtaining the credit in my DTA?
I'm still confused about the whole matter, I thought
through using credit cards and loans I could set off
the banks debt with my autograph in direct exchange for
the goods that I received by using the credit card
and/or loan?
If I don't get a credit card, what else can I do? Why
shouldn't I get a credit card?
A: There may very well be a way of doing what you are
suggesting but as I have no direct successful
experience with doing that, I really cannot comment. I
have however attempted to use the treasury account to
offset the debt for other reasons in relationship to
credit cards as I contested the credit card's legality
- all I can tell you is that I was never credited and
ended up having to settle up in court for 4x the amount
in one instance and out of court for somewhat lessor
amount in another instance. If I had to do it again I
wouldn't. Outside of that even though my credit rating
was very high I had difficulty in remortgaging my home
- they can be vindictive.
Q: As a Sovereign, isn't going to court putting
yourself under admiralty jurisdiction?
You don't have to go to court as I understand If you
know that there is no contract with you or the judge,
and other reasons I have learned from reading about
sovereign success.
A: Correct, however this is how I got introduced to all
this information you can read my transcript in that
particular instance on my site (
under site map.
It by far is better if you stay out of jurisdiction,
however you if you are caught while transitioning it is
difficult to make a clean break.
In such a case if served to go to court it may be
better to go voluntarily, having let your paperwork
proceed you indicating that you are strictly there by
visitation, than be forcibly detained. Contractually
they have you if you are not free of all your contracts
and don't know all the ways that you can inadvertently
be linked in. In my case I held them off for 3 years,
showed up in court having identified that I had an
interest in the legal entity only to thrown out of
court because I didn't properly present myself with
papers. I then was forced to witness from the audience
the prosecuting lawyer totally get his way.
The fact of the matter was I was not properly prepared,
RM who agreed to assist me chickened out at the last
minute being only familiar with traffic court. Not what
I anticipated but 'shift happens'.
In your situation you have a distinct advantage over
most in that you will be well versed in how to handle
yourself and be well disposed to exercise what you
know. Most people get caught with too little knowledge
at the most inappropriately times.
Q: I downloaded my SA, UCC and copyright notice. They
look good, I don't see any errors so far. What
sentence/paragraph of copyright should I use to make
notice with in the local newspaper or does it matter
and should it run for once a week for four weeks or for
30 days straight?
A: It really does not matter as long as it is clear as
to what it is and refers back to your Internet posting,
it really depends on how much you want to spend. It
even could be really short, "Public Notice re: JOHN
RICHARD JONES - see" Or you
may include the first paragraph of the public and add,
"full notice posted here:" Use
common sense, the short example you may decide may be
too brief, including all of the first paragraph may be
too long if it is expensive, certainly the whole thing
would be. Just be clear in stating what it is and refer
to the site posting for more information.
Q: As far as getting notarized, what do you mean by "If
the notary has an issue with how you write your name
change the last entry to suit.
A: I am referring to this format "John-Henry: Jones"
changing to this format "John Henry Jones"
Some of the notary stamps and their wording are
designed to link you right back in into jurisdiction so
read the wording if they want to change the last bit on
your documents"?
Sometimes they have a problem with recognizing you as a
human being versus the legal entity - so be aware is
all I am saying.
Q: Do I sign above both names or just my lower case and
do I use the c and tm along with the names when I sign
things from now on?
A: Not sure to where or what you are referring to
specifically. For the surety that is you, you sign in
script form whether you use the c & tm is up to you.
the c & tm in its own way is actually acts a public
notice that you have a claim on your name. The point is
its up to you what you wish to communicate.
Q: When I file the UCC for Pennsylvania, should I
follow the same format as the one you filed for me in
A: Not sure which format of what you are referring to -
in my follow up instructions making reference to
"Wonderland" I give you a link and a password to a
download site which step by step gives you examples you
may wish to follow - it is totally different form what
I did for you in Blank. Blank is a special state which
is why I use it as no other state allows unconditional
acceptance that I am aware of into the UCC system. It
took me many filings to find that out, however just
because a public notice (the ucc1) is filed in one
state does not discount making a public notice in your
home and birth state.
Q: Can you comment on my custom SA?
A: Browsed thru it briefly of course you realize I can
not make a legal determination and therefor won't, but
in it you make reference to your SA inviting people to
become familiar with it. As I understand it the SA is a
private agreement between 2 parties not a public
document as is the Public Notice and the UCC1 filing -
as that is its purpose to make a public announcement
based on the fact a private agreement exists to
substantiate that announcement. Furthermore the SA
includes or itemizes your property - if you make all
that public you virtually have no privacy and others
are in a position to use that information to your
detriment (the very reason we would want to have
privacy as it is in' our own best interest). Being a
sovereign is in its essence is being a private not a
public personage - let me do what ever I want as long
as I do not cause harm to any other personage - in
other words whatever I believe or I do or have is nobody
elses business unless it affects him or her.
Q: While I wait for my Credit Card, what other ways can
I obtain money/credit via my new status.? I heard
something like bonding a statute and then claiming any
money made on it.
Really, what I need is money, without getting a job,
but by using the common law and their law to legally
get money/credit or w/e its called.
A: The reply here may be a little heavy - forgive me I
don't want to burst any bubbles but in my humble
opinion I think you are on the wrong track and getting
involved for the wrong reasons. Hey but I could be
wrong so do cut me some slack and let this old lion
spout out on a 'real' tangent. If I connect let me
know, if I don't let me know - Deal?
Now IF you are expecting something for nothing I am
afraid I am not into that. I do believe however that
you as a creator should by rights keep whatever you
create. The problem is that by hook or by crook we
usually end up not being able to keep what we create.
This is the system whereby you get someone with his
fingers caught with $50B out of the cookie jar and is
granted bail while someone breaking a window to eat
some food they don't have are treated totally
differently if you have been listening to the recent
IF you are looking at this as an easy way of getting
money for nothing I would put you in the latter
category. This is not what sovereignty is all about in
my opinion - it is about putting a stop to that type
kind of practice as that is the burden people bear who
otherwise would be unencumbered - a free people - as
someone else always has to pay for those kind of gross
wealth discrepancies of magnitude - this is why the
whole economy is going downhill faster than you can
imagine - simply because of that kind of thinking.
Common sense will tell you that you cannot get
something for nothing. You as a creator 'create' value.
Case in point re inequalities in orders of magnitude:
There are 3 banks that hold 5x the gross annual
national product of the whole globe. Effectively they
created it by doing nothing to earn it other than by
sleight of hand - a legal mechanism that creates money
in their bank accounts in orders of magnitude greater
than yours and mine. To make a long story short this
mechanism based on mathematical models and gaming
theory was so successful that the basis upon which it
maintained larger and larger value became further and
further removed from reality so much so that it could
not be sustained any longer, as every one intuitively
sensed something was rotten in Denmark but nobody
wanted to spoil the party.
To substantiate and give substance to more and more
perceived value driven by a greed mechanism fewer and
fewer were willing to pay the sham value to the point
that the perceived perception of value dropped when the
bluff was called to less than 50 cents on the dollar -
this is what forced banks to go begging to governments
to underwrite, that is give substance to, this
perceived value. The problem is that the amount that
has to underwrote is so substantial it is not
physically possible. 3 trillion spend by governments is
just a drop in the bucket of empty debt. What we are
witnessing currently is a melt down from the top down
to the detriment of all of us. I would focus on that
as we will be lucky to pull out of it - the depression
of the 1930's will be a cakewalk compared to what we
are facing just because some clever folks thought they
can get something for nothing. Simply put you can build
a house made of paper only so high before it collapses
due to universal laws. So forget about creating paper
wealth those days are history.
Here is a primer that will explain the situation - its
all about derivatives and just as your legal name is
propositioned to pretend to be you but really isn't so
do derivatives appear to represent real value when they
don't. You will see what I mean here
Having said that if someone is profiting from
hypothesizing your future potential income - well that
by rights should belong to you and that may be a
different story should things not be what they are.
However that idea in itself is a fiction and we all
know what fiction is - something we make up that has
nothing to do with the real world.
The current system is based on 'perception' you accept
someone for value but you do it by mutual agreement but
if it not based on anything that exists then it is
nothing but illusion which is okay up to a point. For
example you and I could agree that you are superman but
lets see you walk off a high story building - universal
principles somewhere along the line always kick in.
Sorry $ signs in your eyes will only get you into
trouble and not get us out of the current mess we are
already in and we are in it really deep - IF this
system breaks further down to the point where there
will not be public services, you will be lucky to
simply survive.
If you want to have a good life you are going to have
to understand and provide leadership in how we can
salvage what we still have once this all shakes out and
then build on a new paradigm more in keeping with
universal laws not fictitious ones. Learn about micro-
currencies, what money really is and be prepared to
salvage the community you live in by understanding that
wealth is really we 'all and health of the individual
is he 'all - one is critical to the other and you will
really understand what true value really is - it is us
- the individual creative mind - you as a true wealth
creator. Believe it! :-).
Q: I tried to get an idea of a price to print my
copyright notice in the local newspaper and when I gave
them what I wanted to print they said they wouldn't put
it in because they couldn't understand it even when
they went to the web site. These were the legal ad
people, is this where I need to post it or should it be
in say the personals?
A: Interesting, Since when are people making a legal
determination of what can or cannot be posted. Seems to
be a violation of rights to me. Record as part of your
paper trial that you were denied at such and such a
place and date to post a public notice by such and
such. Then try alternatives - in other words act
responsibly to do what you can. AND IF stopped note it.
Q: What's to say someone that goes to the web site won't
copy it, sign it and use it as theirs?
A: It shouldn't be a problem if they tried to copy it
as it is a public posting. Don't understand your
concern though unless they are pretending to be you and
take away the right for your use of your name. If they
did you would contest it wouldn't you? But only if it
happened. Not sure if I understand your concern here.
Disclaimer: All the above is in my own personal opinion
as is all information I provide and as I am not
authorized to practice law or to give legal advice in
your jurisdiction it is your responsibility to verify same
with competent legal authorities.