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Security Agreement, Copyright Public Notice, UCC Filing Questions & Answers in 2012*

 (See Also 2007*; 2008; 2009; 2010; 2011* 2012* 20132014*)These questions are in no particular order - but may reflect some of your concerns and answers to same.

Re the UCCC1 Do I use use 1a or 1b for the Creditor

Q: As this is a living document – and I can fill in the information later - I don’t have any changes at this time.

R: If there are no changes or corrections - give me the go ahead and I will complete my end. Yes it is a living document.

With what I have created and will finalize for you I will download in your drop box. I suspect you will complete it over time and get it notarized. I don't need or want copies of that. All i need is your correct legal name and address, any other names you may of gone by, or any business names you may of operated by as well as your social security number. Without checking I suspect I have that already. As all of those are your debtors ( you created value in those names) and it would be a good idea to list them as such in the UCC1 filing.

Q: I was wondering if your service to file a UCC1 is applicable to people in the UK?

A: Yes, the Universal Code is just that Universal. I have done a number of filings for people in the UK- Les.

Q: I have all the documents printed out. I am able to file in my birth state and state of residents. I am reading on your website as often as possible.
My confidence is low, my real fear is finding a place to live on earth that has no lies and deception in it's systems. The terminator said, anger is more useful then despair. How should I channel my energy to be a help and change for the world, not help with its current fearful controls.
I am my own authority, this is true,this belief has helped me up out of the trap of trusting in false gods, money, illusions of power.
I believe we all have the energy to surround fear with light, which will show the real truth. My light shines bright, I need to shine it in the right direction, this is my desire to be who I am born to be.

A: Use your anger as positive movation. Personally you can move forward to simplify things by bringing it all under your own control by only coming from the position of what you know yourself all else is third party evidence. I would like to think that what we do with our paper process here documents what we believe as as such substanciates that belief.

Practically speaking no one can then say you were avoiding an obligation when all you were doing was acting in accordance to your beliefs - particularily if you have the proof and could not find any evidence to suggest otherwise. To repeat what I have mentioned before on this site:

"I do not know whether any of what I read is true or not [afterall it is all third party evidence]". Therefor whether there are adhension contracts out there or not and/or if the legal entity is really a seperate entity or not let me then take a position to cover all possibilities".
1- Redefine your relationship to your legal name supplanting any contracts that may be in existence out there by creating the SA (Security Agreement). That in itself creates a seperation from the legal name as afterall a contract as a minimum requires 2 parties.
2. In the SA assert you are the one who creates all value in the name of the legal entity and therefore since it has not compensated you or paid you back it is your DEBTOR and you are its CREDITOR. Get it to agree, and agree that you will act as its administrator as it cannot do anything by itself and in exchange have the use of all its stuff. Drive its car as its CEO and live in its house ...
3. Establish the SA contract in the public records by a): getting a human to witness the signing of the contract who is also recognized by government [otherwise known as a notary and so you bridge the realms of common law and legislative law with your paperwork now being something Government can recognize] and by b) File a UCC1 with the Secretary of State or its equilivent thereby establishing you on record as the CREDITOR (based on your Security Agreement/contract you have with the legal entity).
4. Now asert your position publically by putting it out there for any one to contest by posting the Public Notice. Failing any one coming forth you have now verified what you believe to be true by asserting it and opening it up to be challenged. If your assersion holds up as unchallenged then it is reasonable to assert it is true failing any other parties coming forth to contest you position having had the full opporunity to do so.

Now life becomes interesting because now you have options you never had before and have uncontested documentation to back up your belief system that you are a sovereign human being without subjects on the land and are therefore not bound by any contracts that you have no knowledge of nor have agreed to.

That is a simplistic rendition of what we are doing with the 3 part process. - Les.

Thanks I filed the UCC-1 in Texas online and now working on New Mexico which is a little more difficult. I will get it done then publish the public notice in the local news paper. Les, this is so much fun, I feel better after the first step was taken. I am learning so much, about the truth. I read your website often and watch the videos as well.

Q: Hey Les,

Thanks for your service, quick question, should I also include my newly business license? I just got it a couple of months ago, it's called a 'sellers

A: Yes and everything that is in its name. The business is an extension of you as you are the one that creates and gives its value. It is that sense is the same as your strawman. You put money ins bank account pay its bills but it does not create anythiing for you in return therefore it is is your debtor. It owes you.

Treat the name associated with all permits and licenses as if it is another name acting in a specific capacity as that is what it is. The name is created through specific legislation that governs that capacity.

In reality you have multiple straw men all acting in a different legal capacity. What we want to do in each of these instances is claim that entity acting in that capacity as your debtor. The reason being that it is your energy that creates value while the credit goes to the legal entity. Therefore as it does not redeem you it owes you and is therefore your debtor.

Q: Greetings I recently viewed your site and I would like to clarify the options for running a public notice I would like to make a declaration of status. Thank you

R: At the top of each page of the site here there are 3 buttons numbered 1, 2, & 3. Iterm "2." is for you to post a public notice that I create for. Item "3." allows you to post a document that you create. Simply copy and paste the document you have in the box created. Id you would rather keep the current formatting of the orginal you can send me a pdf or a word document and I will convert it into a pdf that can be accessed fro the web. Cost is $25 for one year of $20/yr for 5 years - Go here

Q: I'm priniting out the 28 page document now and will re -read everything and input the information needed.
Should I fax you this info once it's done or do I need to resubmit the original online form?

R: No. Once these documents are notarized they become part of your private papers. They are private and are proof that you are and have what you claim you do.

Q: Whew! Awesome email, I understand everything u wrote and took it to heart. It's good to know there are like minded people like ourselves that still exist in this so called 'reality'.

I'll print the documents today and go over everything in detail and proceed from there.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again for everything, you're awesome :)

R: :-).

Q: Greeting Les, I haven't spoke with you in serveral months, since then i'm having some legal issues with the authority using my copyright name without my permission with a warrant and some serious charges and i wanted to know how to proceed against them with the copyright. i would like a template if you can provide one along with some detail instructions.

Thanks in Advance
Best Regards

R: Read this on the Site:

Q: Thanks for the information, i will uses the knowledge to the best of my ability i also need an invoice template to invoice future violators

I followed your instructions to post my copyright in the local news paper but i wanted to know the the purpose of posting the copyright in the news papers?

R: Yes the strawman is created by the State, however any value the strawman has is created by you. Therefore if you seperate yourself from it throught the Security agreement then the Strawman [aka the State] owes you.

Q: What would be the service and cost for a family of four.
I always see stuff for man but not for a woman or kids, or a whole family. My wife and I have two kids. We don't know how to include them in our documents. Do they get their own copyright?

R: The kids can be claimed under each of the parents as their
property as they are your responsibility as you are of
your own bodies - that's the best way I can explain it. The cost
for a couple for the security agreement/copyright is reduced.
For example for one it is $200 and for two it is $300.

The Public Notice: Our Responsibility and Due Diligence Regarding Trespass:

Q: Is there a Copyright for USA solely? Texas preferably.
Also, do I have to file the UCC-1 first or the Copyright?
 I have a Security Agreement, Power of Attorney, Indemnity Bond, "A" Property List and some others already to record. I just need to know the order in which to do. I see in one place the Copyright has to be first and others the UCC-1 first, so which is it? Also I think the fines have increased since 2009.

A: Quick Answer:
To file an UCC1 you need a contract in place (security agreement) or at least an understanding to be documented in the near future.
The Copyright Notice is a common-law document which can stand on its own but to have added credibility (perception) one may make
reference to an UCC1 filing ( obviously one would have to file it first then).
No idea to what you are referring to in regard to fines but if you are referring to sample docs on the site they are not current
and as for dollars amounts stated that is at your discretion.
The Copyright Document is universal for any state and country.

Q: Les, thanks for the quick reply. Where can I find sample of the latest Common-Law Copyright Formatting. If I am going to take care of my affairs I might as well start here. Again, thanks for replying so quickly.

A: For obvious reasons the public notice I created is somewhat proprietary once people buy into it they will get the most recent version that they can modify anyway they wish. I post that one
on line for 5 years for $20/year. Anything less than that doesn't pay for my time.
Since that out of range for a number of people if they wish they can use their time to create their own and post on line their version for $25.00 for one year.
That's the best I can do for you other than the fact that there is a fair amount of information on the site if you look for it. Read the Q&A's and the articles written there in.

What's Next?

Q: The AG may have said that due to my not being Copyrighted yet too. They definitely don''t make it easy for us. For the Discharge of debt is another animal. I think you have to have a Banker willing to float you a line of Credit by issuing you a Card with a large limit so as to cut down on PN's and Directly collect from the Treasury so all you buy is Public Debt on the Card. It took me a while to get that out of the Seminar I got. That way you don't have to do any Avertments or deal with Refusal of PN's. Let a Bank collect from the Treasury. People think you can just writing PN's. I beleive you have to have a Banker do it for you. It's a process, but well worth it if one can get it lined out.
 You mean an Itemized Property List for Land and House Property, like Lot, Block, and Address Specific? I have a Property List already done. Should I send it to you? Just tell me the order you need things next. Do I need to put it in the Paper or will the Courthouse be enough for 30 days. When you say UCC-1 do you mean Amendment and Addendum too? I know, a lot of questions. I did one back in May 2011, can I use that one or not?

A: First of all I don't get into discharge of debt nor the bonding process though I do provide for it with the SA document that I create - All of which you list below plus some others.
Re AG that's typically what you are up against for the secured party's name. Ask him what if I was sueing my brother what would one do then and see if that gets you an answer.
I do the Sa and Ucc1 fiiing in WA for $100 I do not include property details other than stawman affilliations such as drivers license preferring to make reference to the security which includes that. You can do the same in WA,and then try to file in lieu of in Texas making reference to Washington.
Property is best filed at the county level seperately for each property where located. A general ucc1 claim would not list property and only refer to it generally and indirectly by mentioning the SA agreement (and its list of assets).

Q: Should i file my ucc-1 docs first before copyrighting my name and posting or copyright my name and then do the ucc-1 docs?? need a few more things before my ucc package is ready to be file...

which is better??.

R: Read what i wrote here
that should answer your question in detail.
Basically it is a 3 step process the last contingent on the step before.
while you can post a common law copyright (public notice) it makes
sense to leverage the Ucc filing which needs a security agreement in place to validate the filing.

Q: Thanks...i am filing the ucc1 tomorrow, Friday, March30 and i have a security agreement in place along with poa, etc....shall i wait on do the copyrighting of my name with you all on monday or what???

R: If you do file the UCCI then you can reference that number in the common law public notice or copyright. All I need is the UCC1 date and number.

When you are ready go here and I can take it from there.- Les

Q: great...thanks for your time and help... by some chance do you know any anyone to be sureties so i can finish filing my documents/bond paperwork to send to dept. of treassury.... by the way i am in the state of XX...will get the info. to you at the beginning of next week...

A: You're welcome - as per sureties, simple answer - no.

Q: - do you have knowledge about ucc-1 and scandinavia...

R: Not quite sure of your question but if you are asking does the UCC1 apply to Scandinavian counties apparently so. It is set up to handle a creditor or a debtor from any country.

Q: So for intents and purposes I can Record this with the Newspaper now and get on with it. One copy of the paer and 3 Affidavits, one for each week and we are done?

R: Yes you are good one affidavit is good I would think. Getting an affidavit for each seperately can be expensive. If you can type it all out and then ask them casually if they would sign it verifying each posting date I would think it won't be a big deal other than a signature. Think it through and it should mitigate your costs in getting this done.

Q: I was wondering, I have seen that the Strawman is supposed to be dashes in the SSI# 444-44-4444 and Real man should be with none 111111111. Is that true?

R: If you tske the position that you are the creator then it is what ever you say it is. You now make up the rules it is whatever you say it is. And as long as you are clear and consistent it is as you say. As for your question I am not clear as to what you are asking.
The straw man has an ssi, it is what it is.
We assign an id# to the real man intials-510101 [intials-year of birth, month, day] that is an arbitrary decision on our part so why not make it easy to remember with initials and birthdate. That's all that is to it as its unique and connected to us.

Q: Everything looks ok, I guess the only question I have is that the name on my birth certifcate is Tom Jones Jr. [not real name] don't know if that mean anything?

R: Thanks for getting back to me - the position we are taking is that you full name is x and everything else is a variation of it so in that sense you are covered. In this sense Jr. is an abbreviated form of 'Junior'. I will finish that up for you now and you should get notification at the latest tomorrow morning. With that email I will give you a lot more information.

Q: The thing in Texas is only that we have to do a Lien search to make sure there are no Liens on any of the Property on the SA for the Copyright to be perfected and not have to Post 4 times in the Newspaper.
R: That is cool as far as the UCC1 goes but remember the UCC1 is not common law we only use it because it appears to hold validity
in regular peoples eyes who know nothing about this. The real power is in the public notice which operates in common law.
Q: Here in Texas the only way they will post a Name is through a Court Order.

R: Are you referring to the newspaper or the county office?
Q: I have all at hand and Notarized from your site. The only concern I have is the first page has the letterhead. 
R: If you wish I can always take that out - its my only advertising as people's memory is fickle at best - they forget a year from now what the site name was.

Q: How soon from when we agree it is ready, will it actually in be affect? Ex. When would the UCC and SA be recognized?

R: Virtually immediately keep an eye out will be sending draft shortly.

Q: Earlier in an email you asked me if you should file in the name, Edware Tom Jones or Edware Tom Jones Surnameofmom. My question for you is: since my birth certificate says Edware Tom Jones Surnameofmom but my Social Security Card says Edware Tom Jones, which one should I file it under? Could I do both to be safe? Will it cost extra?

R: I would suggest you go with the birth certificate version for the SA
and PN and if Edware Tom Jones is the name you go by then do the UCC1 using it as the primary name and Edware Tom Jones Surnameofmom. Which is the primary would be the one people are most likely to look you up under. Hope that helps. Call me if you wish and we can discuss it so that you have the opportunity to get a better handle on it.

Q; Should I send a Copy of the [ ] Recording UCC-1 and Amendment to The State of Texas when I send it for Recording?

A: You are best off using what I did as a fall back position should you not be able to get an UCC1 filing there is Texas.
You need to do one at the State Level and another
at the the country level if you have property in that county.
IF you wish I gave you some links to look at sample applications
just ask me and I will give you the passwords for it for you to look at.

Q: The highlighting of my name throughout I am not sure about either. Posting online that may not be an issue. I am not sure in the Legal sense. Thanks again

R: Sorry can not guess at what you are saying. "Common law" is not legal and more than you and I can agree I am superman which is a legal contract but the proof on whether that is in accordance to natural law is when I attempt to fly off the Empire State Building. Another analogy: if you cross in the street in the middle of a block that is "J walking" and likely illegal. If a cat does it, it is not. Legal only exists in the minds of men. If the cat gets hit by a car that is lawful but not legal as according to the laws of nature two objects cannot occupy the same space at the same time. You can not mix the concepts of lawful and legal together - you need to know where you are and why. I put on a raincoat like my legal name on when it is raining out as an utility. When I come into my home I take the raincoat off as it would be unnatural to keep it on. If you live in the legal box you deny yourself from living in the universe which exist outside of it. The indians think it is silly to put a fence around ones property when you have the whole universe to enjoy. I hope I am getting through - rephrase the question.
As a sovereign being you make your own rules as there is nothing between you and the creator. If want to change anything just say so and its done. For my purposes I bold the variables to make it easier for you and I to verify that they are correct (natural law of sight). ;-).

Q: I am i need of your advice once again, after being turned down for the 3rd time I brought my paperwork to the secretary of states office to review any reason for rejecting my UCC filing.
I was able to out argue the lawyer who was stumped, after talking with her for a few minutes another lady came in who immediately shut me down, without any effort to explain anything further, she could not and would not recede on the idea that I am not the same person/entity as the debtor.

After explaining all the documents I filed to establish the difference between the two entities, she (very rudely) denied any efforts to explain ANY reason why the filing could not be done.

She then further said that she would not continue the conversation unless I had a lawyer.

I told her that her office and her position are both public service positions and that they are neglecting their jobs by refusing to explain to me ANY reason why this can't happen. She only said I would need a lawyer to continue the conversation, and I mentioned I am a free soverein person with full liability, why would I need lawyer of limited liability to continue this conversation?

I asked how I could appeal this desicion and she wouldn't say.

Please advise, as this has been a big blow in my process.

R: Follow the what I hightlighted in green in response to your letter. There are a number fo things you can do and all is good.

There is an affidavit written in a Canadian context there which you may find helpful just adapt to your situation. You can also use the "in lieu of' approach and use a variation of your own name using middle name first and then send in an addendum revising the name of the creditor to what you want.

Q: Les, they have AG opinions saying that it is not Statutorialy Acceptable for a Clerk to Accept any COMMON LAW COPYRIGHTS in the State of Texas. Governor Perry said in his Presidential run that evrryone should be Sovereign Americans. It also states that no one in Texas will be considered as SOVERIGN. I believe this goes against the Exemption we have with the Federal Government and being able to aquire it. So I guess put it back up on your site and will try to Record the [ ] UCC-1 in County.
  See what they want is to have the [ ] Enterprises as the Debtor (1) and the Strawman(2) or not at all. You tell me Comon Law supercedes, but it seems here they have quashed it and no Common Law Records exist. SCAREY!
  Tell me your thoughts...

R: Gary this makes perfect sense - common law is not statue law. All he is saying is that Texas only recognizes Statue Law because it is only limited to that which is on the statues. Common law exists outside of that but as it is outside of their jurisdiction they do not recognize it. They only recognize fictions - this is the way it is. Other than that don't know what you are asking.

Scary it is as it is a denial of due process. We have to stand up for what we believe is our rights. We can't all be whimps!

Q: i am not trying to trademark my name... i was just curious why in your form the last name of my upper/lower case name has a TM after it.... but if it should be there and you know this to be true since you are the creator of the form, it is fine with me...or maybe the TM doesn't stand for trademark... other than this everything is fine...

R: You are are asking a very good question, the TM stands for Trade Mark. The form of John-Henry: Jones is intended
to read as John Henry of the Jones family which is to say the individual that goes by or answers to John Henry belongs
to/is from the family or clan Jones.
Referencing 'Cracking the Code' third edition the samples there in only use the copyright symbol not TM for either the full caps version or the lower case version. From the same source,
"Your TRADE NAME is common-law property; your True Name is autograph-common-law copyright. Any name used by anyone in the system to identify/reference you is your property and not be lawfully taken without incurring the obligation of compensating you.
Your name is not copyrighted statutorily because you are a flesh-and -blood-man-not a corporation-and deal exclusively in the common law. Since the law cannot compel impossibilities, you have on one option, common law, which you have accessed by copyrighting your property."
Would you, could you trade mark that name is a good question which nobody has asked me in over 5 years. The best answer I can give you is that I followed the example of Irene Gravenhurst in addition to what I already said in my answer to you previously. A trade mark would indicate that the name is used for trade and that there exists a claim over the use of it, a copyright make would indicate something similar - this is why I use both forms. However in your wisdom should you deem this not appropriate I can remove one or both. Advise me what you wish to do.

Q: My research tends to lead me to believe this must be published in the "Canada Gazette" somehow (I'm in Ontario) ... Any thoughts???

A: You can, but a public notice is a public notice. Be assured if you
publish a public notice 'they' will take note of it whoever 'they' may be.

Q: Draft looks great!! Extensive work my friend !!! Just to clarify, am I supposed to fill out the information (for example) page 9 bank account info? (Not a security issue at all, just making sure I'm not supposed to write this in later?) scan..fax...or something. I can but easier to fill now correct?

R: Thanks. Just send me a note referencing by section paragraph and sentence
ie: Power of Attourney 3rd paragraph 2nd sentence replace, " bla bla bla" with " x y z" or
ie: replace place holder "passport#" with "8974563868"
The form is in a pdf format which you cannot edit directly as it is somewhat proproetary. For changes to the draft you can send by email or you can add the note to the comment section on the form on the site. If you email me using the form on the site I just need your first name, email address and the comments in the comment section for the form to work when you hit send -  probably the easiest way that guarantees I get it so its not lost in the email plus its more private.

Q: A couple years ago, I had you copyright my name and that of my husband. I cannot get the links to work anymore that you provided. Can you help me out with this?

R: Great to hear from you - you notices are still posted - a while back I was forced to change web hosts as they went out of business if you go to the site and place your last name in the search box it will bring up links to your notices.

Q: Do you continue to follow your client and help with remedies, if there are difficulties?

R: Thank you for your letter. I limit myself to what I state on the site and I do provide follow up support to assist in accomplishing the 3 steps outlined. I don't have the resources to take it any further nor do I want to give anyone false expectations or put anyone in a situation that may be difficult to get out of.
Basically you want to be able to paddle and navigate your own canoe thru the waters of commerce and not get stuck with out the proverbial paddle by relying on information that is misleading at best.
In other words I concur with you this is not a quick fix but rather a path towards self empowerment. My strawman 'lives' on the Canadian side of the U.S. border across from Sumas Washington. You can call me if you wish. 1*541*234*6042 is my U.S. relay number. - Les.

Q: I am interested in learning more about your Copyright-Name service.  However, I have a few questions regarding:
   (1)  Trademark vs Copyright (are both services available
        through your services)
   (2)  Do I need to trademark/copyright both my birth name
        and married name on the public notice advertisment.
        Also, would it be available to trademark/copyright
        my under age daughter?
   (3)  Is it available to order a trademark/copyright

R: To answer in part
Names are property and your name is your property, no matter what form it appears in. Your TRADE NAME© is common-law copyright. Your True Name© is autograph-common-law copyright.
Your name is not copyrighted statutorily because you are a flesh-and-blood man [woman]
- not a corportation and deal exclusively in common law. Since the law cannot compel impossibilities, you have only one option, common law, which you have accessed by copyrighting your property.
I assist you in this process by creating a security agreement, indemnity bond, power of attorney and a common-law public notice which establishes your claim of right if you will.
   (2)  Do I need to trademark/copyright both my birth name
        and married name on the public notice advertisment.
        Also, would it be available to trademark/copyright
        my under age daughter?
Understand that in the first place you are not your name but rather
you were given names as a member of a family clan or group. As such any name you go by is an alias or a label attached to your person. When you got married you are now a member of another group or family if you will. I would trademark/copyright the name you are currently going by or both if you have property in your maiden
name [this could be done all within one set of documents].
You could do the same for your underage daughter but since she is under your custody I would simply claim her legal entity (straw man) as your debtor as you would make claim to all property under your straw men current and past [your married name and your maiden name].
   (3)  Is it available to order a trademark/copyright
This is not necessary in my humble opinion, you can sign your name a number of different ways to remove any doubt as to the exact identification of the signing party. Any stamp maker in your local area can create a stamp for you to use if you prefer for your convenience. See some samples below: "John Henry Doe©" being your signature.
ie: JOHN HENRY DOE©, by John Henry Doe©, Authorized Representative
by John Henry Doe©, Authorized Representative
by John Henry Doe©, Agent
By order of: JOHN DOE,
by John Henry Doe©, Authorized Representative
Hope that helps. - Les

Q: Lastly, does your service include PUBLIC NOTICE locations for advertisments?  If not, I will surely check around tomorrow for LEGAL NOTICES in various newspapers.  I understand the notice must be for four (4) weeks, one (1) day per week - correct?

R: Its best you locate a local newspaper that does public notices or announcements - shop around. All you need to say
is "Public Notice: All right reserved regarding the names of Mary Ellen Smith for full notice see" or some variation there of.
How often is typically coming from a position of common sense. The first notice people ignore or typically pay no attention. The second draws attention and the third if ignored is done willfully and with intent [and therefore incurs liability]. I like to look at it from a point of courtesy it is unlikely someone who has an interest in your property (your name) would not notice an announcement in the paper over a course of 4 weeks accounting for holidays and the like, the 4th posting is just a courtesy.  What we are doing is letting others know (the state) if they have an interest in the property that they better come forth or forever lose what claim they may have in my humble opinion.

Q: I am interested in your services and just want to know if Google Checkout is the only way to pay for these services. Is paypal available? I have an account I use with paypal and would prefer not to have to fill out my payment info with additional companies. No problem if it's the only way.
Also, do the forms I need to fill out come after I make the payment?

R: I will send you an invoice directly it will be coming from "[         ]" my paypal account. You can either go to
before or after payment. When the payment comes thru and I have the information you can expect a draft back within 24 hours - all in all about 20 pages.

Q:Is it best to provide a PO Box or the address where I currently live?
R: For personal privacy a P.O. Box is preferable in the long term as you do not live at an address', you live inside your own skin - the strawman is always attached to an address. Use your current address as that is where it currently lives (excuse the expression) as far as all your current paperwork that is already in the system is concerned.
Q: If i need POB do I get a personal or business?
R: Ideally you want it to be general delivery at a Post Office. Consider getting a PO Box only to separate yourself from being attached to an address but as far as this current process is concerned I would go by your legal address as that is where it is now and has been in the immediate past and if you living there for a while it will take some time to change it everywhere.

Once you have all legal capacities - the driver, the bank depositor, the voter, the social insurance holder, the property owner, the professional license holder, the city taxpayer etc etc, converted over to a P.O. box only then 'I' would use the P.O. Box as the legal address.
Q: All caps when applying to get one?
R: Practically speaking as far as the Post Office is concerned there is no distinction whether in upper case or lower case the presumption is that you are the legal entity. A P.O. box is for use in commerce - if you can pick up your mail from the P.O. from General Delivery then I would say its worth a shot - it will take some inquiries on your part. In my humble opinion until I know differently.

Q: Do you have any referrals as to notaries?

R: Your welcome, I would just go to a notary close to you and say that you want to have some legal/private papers professionally witnessed. Rates can vary considerably from so much per signature to may $20-$50 for the session.

Q: I am filling out SA and am not sure how to go about putting our children on the form. Since I am married, do my wife and I both put our children on each of our SA's? How does this work? We each fill out our own form, correct?

R: What you both have in common such as children it is only necessary to do it once
Yes its best you each fill out the docs separately - what I find out is that the wife typically has a better handle on the children's
info and things such as wedding dates etc. so it may be best to let her handle that bit if she is on board with you with this process.
In any case don't fret over what you don't have you will have another opportunity to add info once you receive the
first draft back.

Q:  Is it possible to add my parents home and vehicles to my Schedule A? If not, will it be possible if the titles are transferred in my name?

R: Schedule A is designed to general collateral description covering
everything from A-Z without any details should you be compelled to bring forth the document as proof it exists. I use it in my filings with the UCC registry but prior to that I strip out all
the numbers.

Schedule B is designed as a detailed list that would be very unlikely
you ever would have to bring forth if what is covered in Schedule A is sufficient.

I can add whatever you wish to schedule A as you are in the drivers seat here. Understanding the intent look at it again and see if inherited property is included in the general description to your satisfaction and take another look at schedule B. There is a provision
there for inheritance or wills. Look at it and then get back to me with
your wishes and I will accommodate it the best I can.

I hope that assists you in how to look at this. - Les.

Q: Im not married, i don't own a house and have no kids but was wondering if I can use my parents house for claiming, for which it is the address that all my documents are in care of but of course the house is not in my name. 

R: Typically the address is that of the strawman [legal entity] and if that is where your mail goes regarding it then that is where it lives [you live where ever you are in the moment].

Q: wow, just realized i dont own anything anymore.  I do have 2 timeshares, one of which i am still paying for and the other is paid off but annual maintenance fees still occur.

R:Typically the address is that of the strawman [legal entity] and if that is where your mail goes regarding it then that is where it lives [you live where ever you are in the moment].

Q: I understand that the UCC process is not recognized by the courts? Why do you charge for what you do as others give it away for free?

R: Appreciate the feedback. It has worked for people in the past one got out a marijuana possession charge, another beat a civil custody batter for their child as well as got a murder charge dismissed. With regard to getting the murder charge dismissed yes it took additional help - that came from Howard Griswald or a referral of his - the one who discovered this process of filing a UCC statement on the basis of a security agreement. Prior to that filings were considered frilious in that there was nothing to substanciate them. To read more on it get Breaking the Code - 3rd edition which is the copy I have and refer to for time to time.
What you are doing is documenting a belief system - just saying something with out the paperwork does not hold water as it can be miscontrued that you are avoiding an obligation and as such are required to make restitution plus penalties.. What I put into the site is information people get for free in the best way I felt I could represent it at the time. However if I do work for people that takes my time I expect to be paid for it as I suspect you would do if you did work for someone else.  Typically each one processed is 3-4 hours of my time.

If you tried to do the same thing it likely take six months to get to the same point and if you tried to duplicate it for someone else would likely take you about 24 hours of steady time. Part of the reason people say this does not work in court is because they do not recognize anything outside of their system. Another way of saying this is that that they have no authority or jurisdiction over us as living men and women. The legal entity is a different story as 'they' created it for their use. Some may say to track or control us. 

I honestly think that we come into this world as creators and as such what we say it is is what it is. Going through this process is that sense is a mental exercise people must go through one way or another to free themselves mentally from this system of control. That in my mind is the primary benefit and a hope for all mankind.

Q: Hey Les, I got your latest email and think that your idea is a good
one, I would sign up in a breath. I'm in New Zealand and got your
package last year, thanks! I've used the copyright notice on a few
debt collectors and have had great success.

I too have been enjoying Dean Clifford and have employed a few of his ideas of late. I guess one of the most important things to remember for me is that my business is not the Governments and I am not Obligated to answer any questions asked by them or their agents unless I've been charged! Love it! I've become so empowered by this fact and I look forward to anyone who wishes to challange that.  His latest videos have really help my learning ten fold, have and will continue to recommend to all. Really good stuff.

Q: I have tried to Record the SA,PA and Other Contracts such as the Comercial Affidavit of Truth and have been turned away with each one. So where am I supposed to make these Public?  Newspaper will not even do it here because of these AG's Opinions they keep throwing at me. Texas seems to be out of touch with all this so to speak saying they have no Statuatory obligation to Record or File them, even in the Common Law Records.

R: The more reason to document. By denial they are taking on liabity. No problem what you do now is create an affidavit chronologically itemizing every thing you did under your power complete with dates
and responses. To keep the facts clear answer/use these questions as a check list what, when, who, where and sometimes why.
This will shift the responsibility from you to them since they are blocking the right you have as a member of the public has to make a public announcement.
In here 
[     ] is an affidavit you can follow the form of it and change
the contents to suit your situation. That's all you can do. Now if anything happens subsequently not in your favor you are in a position to pin that liability back to whoever prevented you from protecting your property.

Disclaimer: All the above is in my own personal opinion
as is all information I provide and as I am not
authorized to practice law or to give legal advice in
your jurisdiction it is your responsibility to verify same
with competent legal authorities.