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Security Agreement, Copyright Public Notice, UCC Filing Questions & Answers

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These questions are in no particular order - but may reflect some of your concerns and answers to same.

Copy Right Notice, Security Agreement And UCC1 Services

Q: What Service Do you Provide?

Well I started out doing posting public notices for people attempting to gain control over the use of their names since there nothing on the net that was providing that service and the few that did were charging in excess of $250. I thought I could do much better than that and so I did. To date I have done approximately 50 postings. [Over 320 as of Jan 2013]

The Public Notice concering the use of your name is a common law document but in order to recognized by the State as a legal document it needs to tie into the legal system by filing a lien using the Uniform Commercial Code, otherwise know as an UCC1. I soon found out that people were not familiar enough to do that on their own and so I started doing that for them so that I could complete requirements for the copyright-name Public posting. This UCC1 filing is complementary.

But to file a UCC1 which is really a lien against your corporate legal name has to be based on a contract. And so I ended up providing that service as well in order to complete the documentation. And as part of that, I also create an indemnity bond which protects you from creditors going after your legal name.

Currently if you have your own security agreement and just want to do a copyright name Public Posting I charge $20 a year for 5 years on the Internet or $100. You can complement this posting with a newspaper posting making reference to your unique address on the nest to save you the cost of publishing the whole text. If you only want a security agreement a 14 page document legally claiming and itemizing your property that is also $100 and if you want both done that is $200.

As a bonus I do a complementary electronic UCC1 filing through one particular UCC1 state office and create a PDF document for your records. This gets you in the system and gives your paperwork some legal standing. That state UCC1 office is unique as it allows me to preserve the spelling of your name in upper and lower case and to include a fairly comprehensive collateral statement in the jurisdiction you are currently living in be it California, New York, or even a province in Canada or for that matter any country in the world with only one or two exceptions.

As part and parcel to the process I create PDF's (adobe acrobate documents) which you can use as originals or keep for your personal records. Together that would be 1. The Security Agreement and Indeminity Bond 2. The UCC1 State Filing and 3. The Copyright-name Public Posting. The whole process is completely usually within 24 hours of confirming payment.

I suggest you follow my electronic UCC1 filing with a paper filing in the state where you were born and any state where you have any property.

Q: Can you please advise me, as i'm finding this a little confusing & am struggling to understand this process?

A: Its difficult to know where to start but you may want to start at page one and follow the links at the bottom of each subsequent page - this will give you a faily good foundation. You can also in addition read the articles under the article link.  I really don't have the time to do this full justice but this is my meagre understanding at this time of writing:  

YOU are not your "legal name".

First one must realize that here is a distinction between you as a human being and you as a corporate entity recognized by a state [as New Zealand]. 

Anything created in the Mind is a Fiction: 

Simply put any country by whatever name is an idea created by the minds of men and therefore it is a fiction. The land mass we put a name on as 'New Zealand' is the only thing that is real. The name or the label we call it could easily be anything we make up just as is the name that is associated with your body and the name you go by or answer to.
In this sense 'New Zealand' in a real sense does not exist other than by agreement in the minds or thoughts of men. But the soil beneath your feet certainly does in a physical or real sense . In the same way that the name 'New Zealand' is created so is your legal name. Replace the word legal with the word fiction and you will get a better sense of the mirror world we live in in our minds which always appears real but isn't.

Declare who you are to refute the Assumption  

Since we operate mentally in a legal world, the assumption and presumption always is that you are a fiction, unless of course you declare yourself not to be. One must realize that the State always sets sets its rules by default in its favor. If you do not declare yourself to be the exception to the rule, then I ask you. "Whose fault is that"?

The Security Agreement - the First Step 

This is essentially what we are doing as a first step. We declare ourselves an exception to the rule by first creating a contract between ourself and the legal entity to replace any other previous contracts which may be assumed to be in place. It disconnects us from the legal entity that is created by government and the way we do this is through a contract called a 'security agreement'.
Effectively that agreement recognizes that you as a human being created all the wealth the legal entity has. And since it has not given you back anything in exchange - it therefore owes you, you are its creditor. Now this sets up an interesting situation. If the State created the legal entity and if you by the security agreement seperate yourself from it then, "Who ultimately is your debtor"? The State.

Next Register as the Creditor & Notify this Publically to see if there are any challengers. 

We register this agreement in an UCC office as a creditor. We subsequently put out a public notice referencing that fact giving others an opportunity to contest our assertions. We do this by posting it in the newspaper and if no one contests it, then it stands as truth having passed the test of time. faciitates this by giving you a web link to the copyright notice so you do not have the expense of posting the whole thing in the paper which would otherwise be cost prohibitive.

What you Believe is now Documented Proof: 

Having done that you can take subsequent steps later [which I do not have the resources to support] having at least now a foundation of paper work which you can subsequently build upon. The premise is now you have uncontested documented proof of what you believe and have taken action in concert with that belief. Subsequently no one can deny the fact that you acted in accordance with your belief and therefore can not hold that against you. That is as long as the right to our beliefs is still recognized. Now with this foundation to stand on you can now assert yourself in commerce as the creditor to the legal entity.
Without that definitive statement - the security agreement and the public notice - the assumption and presumption is that, you are a subject of [of=owed by] the State and are bound by all the bylaws and obligations that govern that State.

Jurisdiction of the State: 

Another way of putting it is unless you declare otherwise you fall under the authority or jurisdiction of the State. This begs the question what is juris diction? Nothing but a 'jury of men' 'dictating' rules that they make up [fiction]. Be clear about that. Also be clear that if you use benefits offered by the State that is in itself an implied contractual agreement. Simply put, "Nothing is free". We live in a user pay society. If you operate under the santion of a permit or the use therof then you are subject to the conditions that govern that use. This is what I am implying later in this piece when I say it will take a little time for the fog to clear, that is to understand all the implications of effectively asserting your own sovereigncy. The phrase, "There is no better slave than the one who thinks he is free" is quite apropos.

The Universal Commercial Code: 

The UCC [Universal Commercial Code] is just that 'universal' and it deals strickly with commercial transactions world wide not within any particular jurisdiction [the business of the sea in admiralty]. That is, it deals strictly with contractual agreements which is what your security agreement is and as such whether it was drawn up or registered be it in Canada, the U.S. or New Zealand is in a sense immaterial. What it does it establish a record in time and in place that you are the creditor. The Public Notice in relation to this gives other entities the opportunity to refute this assertion, to "cure the fault'.
The question is not where it is filed but is it filed. Where is it filed is where you say it is in a public notice and people can look it up online and verify the date of filing if they wish. The filing lends legal or fictional credibility [most reading it subject themselves to the legal realm - it is how we are conditioned ] to the public notice which while technically not necessary in the 'real world' it bridges the gap between both realms the real and the fictional.
The public notice is action or communication you do as as a human being to state that you as a human being are not a legal entity strickly subjegated to the bylaws created by as a country as New Zealand. This makes sense since you had no say in the creation of those bylaws nor were you party to the contract that created the legal entity [the FULL CAPS NAME], the legal version of your given and family names.
The reality is that you are in fact a living and breathing creature on the land mass [hu=soil as in humus or 'hu'man or earth man] which by agreement is known by the name "New Zealand". This land mass in no way is the label that is put on it "New Zealand". [This is an universla principle: You can call me by many names but that does mean I am the name. In the same sense a title of a book is not the book and in this sense you yourself are not your name. In reality you are a member fo a family group or clan who has the option of going by your 'given' names if you so choose].

Awareness vs. Heresay: 

The above is loaded but I hope that is helpful. This is only the first step in a journey towards awareness. How you use the information is how you control your destiny but at least now you have more options and are not strickly bound by jurisdictional rules which we now understand to be mere fiction simply because we believe it to be true merely due to what our authority figures have taught us - and that my friend is 'heresay'.
Now it going to take a while for the fog to clear. In my experience people do not let go of what they knew to be true all their lives very easily. It takes a very special person to do this. We have to work through it and thereby plough new neural pathways in how we think and operate when we think for ourselves.

Are We Self Leaders Or Mere Procreating Chattle?

Don't kid yourself, it take a lot of effort to deprogram yourself from literally years of conditioning and most will not make the effort to become completely free. The easiest thing to do is simply follow the well beaten path that has been programmed into us by the mass media and all our authority figures primarily our parents in their attempt to protect us. To question what we believed to be true, takes focus and concentration but in doing so we become true self leaders and not mere sheep being bred to be annually sheared.
With this new information we all have to go through a grieving process of letting go of what we believed to be true and thereby slowly come into our own self actualization and thereby become the powerful human beings we really are.
Les Raketti February 28, 2011
Disclaimer: All the above is in my own personal opinion
as is all information I provide and as I am not
authorized to practice law or to give legal advice in
your jurisdiction it is your responsibility to verify same
with competent legal authorities.