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Security Agreement

Security Agreement - Create it Here

Internet Posting: Please Note any questions can be asked in the notes box at the bottom of the page. To send an email just make sure a minimum of first name an your email address is submitted on the form. Thanks

Based on your information submitted, a personalized security agreement/indemnity bond/power of attorney will be created and your UCC-1 filing will be made on your behalf in an UCC filing office where it will be accepted. Proper reference to your security agreement and indemnity bond will noted accordingly in the UCC-1 filing.

The final result will be a UCC-1 filing, establishing you officially as a Creditor to your Debtor. You will receive a pdf copy of your UCC-1 filing for your records and a combined security agreement/ indeminity bond/power of attorney document in pdf format. All you have to do is print out the documents on good quality paper and then get it professionally witnessed or verified by friends to complete the process.

Note: For Pricing See "Use Policy"

To Start the process:

Step 1. PAYMENT can be made here  Payment

Step 2. FILL in your information below: Note: Form may not work on a mobile device- alternatively use a computer or screen capture and email to

Lets Get You Started!
Please Fill in your information as completely as possible All information is critical in creating your UCC-1 posting and your Commercial Security Agreement.

The most critical information required by us is to establish the names of all your legal entities - this includes all forms of DEBTORS including all current and former names, children under the age of majority and all legal entities or businesses, permits and licenses you operate from - their address [no abbreviations please] and their date and place of origin.

That is the absolute minimal information needed to do a proper UCC1 filing and a copyright-name public notice. You personal assets can then be listed by you in the privacy of your own home on a 20 page form by filling in the blanks provided. Keeping the above in mind everything else is optional and will be enterned into the form by copyright-name for your convenience if provided.

Hopefully this will alleviate people concerns regarding private information and for our part it will allow us to process applications much quicker and continue to provide a service.

Don't worry if you don't have all your infomation on hand as you will have plently of opportunity to add more or to make corrections later.

In any case only disclose what you are comfortable with. This form is here only to expediate the process and to make the transfer of information secure.

P.S. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION use the box at the bottom of this form or IF YOU ARE SUBMITTING ADDITIONAL INFO there is no need to fill in all the blanks. Just ensure that the first 3 blanks are filled in for the form to work.

Ok now lets get started!


Before you hit send double check your email address to avoid resubmitting. Use the box above for any notes or questions. If there is an error backspace using your browser to avoid having to retype your info.

Upon submit you will be sent to the payment page in case you missed it earlier.

NOTE: If you are use FireFox as an Browser you will likely get a Security Warning asking you if your information is being sent over an unencrypted connection if you are sure you want to continue sending your information. What that is referring to is your connection to your internet router in your home if it is wireless it is possible the signal can be intercepted but that would be the case every second you are on the internet. Mozilla Firefox could of worded it better. The information sent from this site and this form is encrypted and sent encrypted for your protection.