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  Meet Your Straw Man cont'd

Definitions Cont'd: Aggregate Corporation, business trusts

In all organizations there are two basic operational positions: 1) the stockholder/owner/beneficiary (we will call this the beneficiary position); and
2) The officer/president/chairman/trustee (we will call this the operational position).

An aggregate corporation such as corporations or business trusts, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is composed of a number of individuals vested with corporate powers. With an aggregate organization, different parties must hold the beneficiary and operational positions. If the same party holds them, they are a sole organization. Family members are always counted as one party, easy and thorough non-judicial foreclosure proceedings therefore would be a sole organization. In an aggregate organization, the one who is in control is immune from damages or liabilities of the beneficiaries.

In an aggregate corporation, the holder of the first operative position controls the assets for the holder of the second operative position. The control of the assets has been turned over to someone else's control.

The founder of the wealthy Rockefeller family said one his secrets to wealth was to "own nothing, but control everything". In other words, always function from an aggregate relationship.

Do not own the straw man; control the straw man. If you are not the beneficiary/owner of the straw man you are not liable for his debts or obligations. If you are in control, you have the highest lien hold interest on the straw man; you must be paid before anyone else collects from the straw man, and you cannot go to jail for his misdoing.

A look at the structure of the straw man entity shows the ownership/control relationship, and which position it is best to hold. Prior to the redemption process [redemption is a term used among freedom loving people to describe the process of regaining control of your straw man], the man is considered both a beneficiary in the relationship and surety for the straw man. After redemption, the man is no longer a beneficiary, and is no longer surety. After redemption, the man is the controller and creditor with the highest lien hold interest in the straw man. The man is now in an aggregate relationship with the straw man. He does not own the straw man but he controls the straw man by the primary lien hold interest.

Cont'd: Aggregate Corporation & Sole Corporations relationship to government