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  Am I a Monkey's Uncle

Les Raketti 11/30/2007


Am I a Monkey's Uncle?

Not so long ago a group of clever men
entered into our common domain under the sun Their singular and somber step in great contrast to the richness of freedom we enjoyed then

When the black hats came into our rich forest
we watched them from above high as they planted their iron cage
in the center of a large clearing and then as mysterious as they came they left us to our own devices.

As the clever men knew we would we descended and approached the cage at first with great supicion and caution but when we realized inside the cage were all the coconuts we would ever want in plain sight for the taking we slipped our arms in under the bar to take benefit of what was freely there

But when we tried to draw the coconuts out we could not as the black bars would not permit us
It wasn't long after that the clever men returned and we not willing to let go of what we surely grasped we lost our freedom not so long ago.

les raketti
November 30 2007