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  Meet Your Straw Man cont'd

Who else benefits from the Strawman?

Now let's see how the straw man benefits others. Our straw man thought of as a "transmitting utility" which we define as "an agent solely utilized for the purpose of transmitting commercial activity for the benefit of the Secured Party". Government and big business have set up a system so that the only way a man can access the goods and services of the nation is through the straw man.The straw man serves as a utility through which goods and services may be transmitted to you. You are forced to interface with society through your straw man.

You will notice that the straw man's name is used on virtually all public documents, including but not limited to: birth certificate, driver's license, passport, Social Security card, bank account checks and statements), credit cards, the checks you receive from your employer, legal documents, any letter from the government entity at any level, etc. You will discover that government agencies, banks and other corporations, courts and tax agencies deal with you exclusively through the straw man. These organizations insist on dealing with you only via an all-caps version of your name in any and all key documents, contracts, accounts, and agreements with them.

One of the many "benefits" and services made available through your straw man is your Social Security Number (SSN). The SSN is a "public" number associated with a "public persona," your straw man. The SSN is a benefit because it allows you to open a bank account or to get a job. A federal law was passed in 1994 that made it a requirement to give your SSN to get a driver's license. It would be difficult (though not impossible) to do any of these things without using the SSN. All of these things, and many more, can be thought of as "benefits" granted to the straw man.

But these benefits come with a price. It should be obvious that the straw man has not body, and that you benefit from the consumption/use of the goods and services made available through the straw man. At this point, you probably do not hold title to your straw man (the redemption process can correct this problem). Since these things are true, it is also true that you are the one responsible for discharging the public liabilities associated with the "benefits" that you enjoy courtesy of your straw man. These public liabilities include but are not limited to income tax, social security tax, plus any and all debts that the straw man incurs.

cont'd proof the strawman exists - look at your bank check