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  Meet Your Straw Man cont'd

The Strawman is not you? [You are its agent!]

For further evidence that the straw man is not you, look at your personal checks. Here is an example of a check.

Notice the two read arrows. Their first arrow points to the all-caps name, Robert's straw man. You will not find your true name on your checks. The second arrow points to the signature line that ends with the letters "MP" which stands for "micro-print". If you look carefully at the signature, you will notice that it is not a solid line. The line is made up of some words and spaces that are repeated over and over again as shown here.

The next image shows a section of the signature line magnified 60 times. You can clearly see that the words that make up the line are "AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE ONLY." [note-this image is not as clear as the original source but you can almost make out the blurred letters above].

The reason the signature line on personal checks is made up of the words "AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE ONLY " is because it is a physical impossibility for the account holder (your straw man) to sign the check. Remember, your straw man has no hands with which to sign the check. The banks know that every signature appearing on a personal check is the signature of the flesh-and blood agent, the authorized representative, you. However, the words are printed in micro-print to disguise the fact that you are the authorized representative rather than the principal on the account. When you sign the check or any other document for the straw man, you are actually an accommodating party, i.e. surety, and therefore 100% liable for everything the principal (straw man) is liable for. Further proof that you are liable for the benefits you receive through your straw man.

Do not despair, there is a way out of this malaise. Use UCC filings to take control of your straw man (a process that is often called redemption). You become the creditor over your straw man who becomes the debtor to you. You can file a UCC financing statement to receive official, government acknowledgment of this private contract. This UCC is a financing statement which creates an interest in property that secures payment/performance of an obligation by your straw man for the services you render to it. This UCC filing establishes a seniority position of claim over other creditors who may make a claim based upon date and time of filing. In this way, if any party ever attacks your straw man's assets, you will have a superior claim on it. End

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