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COPYRIGHT NOTICE (source unkown)

The Copyright Notice officially establishes legal title re the ALL-CAPS TRADE NAME under common law and sets forth the terms of the consensual contract for its unauthorized use, the Uniform Commercial Code “UCC” is what is used for enforcing the terms of the contract.Even though the Copyright Notice does not depend on the UCC for its validity and enforceability, its provisions are written in strict accordance with UCC guidelines for facilitating easy and thorough non-judicial foreclosure proceedings on any who would attempt commercial gain at your expense through unauthorized use of your TRADE NAME.

A Snapshot of the Process

Publishing a notice of common-law copyright re the straw man’s trade-name/trademark establishes common-law control of the TRADE NAME, i.e. the Debtor in the relationship. You, the real person, as a Secured Party Creditor, records a security interest (UCC-1) in your ALL-CAPS TRADE NAME (the Debtor) and all of the property of the ALL-CAPS TRADE NAME including the Birth Certificate, in the amount of One Hundred Million Dollars.

By the foregoing, You, The Secured Party Creditor, now possess a superior creditor position in and to the ALL-CAPS TRADE NAME. In short, a creditor will have to have a claim against the ALL-CAPS TRADE NAME which exceeds One Hundred Million Dollars, before they can actually realize any benefit from coming after or suing your TRADE NAME.