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Public Posting Only will be maintained by by year of posting for $25 per year if client provides the documents. For a minimum of 1 year use $25 dollar option and copy and paste document here Revisions are $25 per document.


For clients reqesting a customized document provided by posting is $20 per year with a minimum period of five years ending January 31 (in the Current year + 5) or $100 total. Includes personalised form, encrypted 'public' posting, pdf printable file for notary, & Your own published web address on the net in the public registry for 5 year posting. Submit your information here - a UCC1 registration is strongly recommended but not absolutely necessary. Make payment here

and  Submit your information here


For our part will attend to any corrections as submitted and will maintain customized page and always maintain a current back-up off site - This site is hosted at a major hosting facility - so there every expectation it will always be publicly available but cannot be responsible should the site go down temporarily. No other promises are expressed or implied.


SECURITY AGREEMENT & INDEMNITY Bond Power of Attorney $200 US Includes UCC-1 filing, personalised security agreement, indemnity bond, power of attourney, pdf printable file for notary, references to UUC-1 and (or PPSA for Canadians). Includes as a bonus Copyright Posting as above. For couples the cost for two is $300 US Make payment here and Submit your information seperately here.


Your posting of your public notice will be registered with an unique url address as in "" ( or your company name as in "" or if you prefer - use your own referencing system as in "" ).

This is a viable alternative to posting public notices in your local newspaper which with full text can be cost prohibitive. If you wish to get the best of both worlds simply post a small print ad making direct reference to this Internet posting.

ie: You can post a public notice in the newspaper simply stating . "All rights reserved regarding the names of Frank an Mary Jones please go to "" and mary-jennifer-jones.htm [links are inactive].

A Snapshot of the Process - For a Sample Posting- Click Here [Noted this is only a old dated version which has been subsequently revised many times] 

To understand the complete 3 Step Process CLICK HERE