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Corporate names, corporately colored names, trade names, marks, trademarks, and service marks are private property of someone, and all can be claimed as such. Government accepted custody of the name (property) when the newborn was registered via the original birth record/document. The straw man was born on the first document emitted by government that referenced the name, if not on the original record/document itself.

Sometimes the initial document is the Social Security Card; sometimes and more often it is the“CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH.” Because everything about you is notated/registered/assigned/ listed/vested in the name of, and accessed via, the straw man’s TRADE NAME, all property is considered the straw man’s property.

Trademark is defined as:

“A word, phrase, logo, or other graphic symbol used by a manufacturer or seller to distinguish its product or products from those of others. The main purpose of a trademark is to guarantee a product's genuineness. In effect, the trademark is the commercial substitute for one’s signature. In its broadest sense, the term trademark includes servicemark--often shortened to mark…” Blacks 7th

Your true name cannot be classified as a “word, phrase, logo, or other graphic symbol” because it is constructed in accordance with the rules of English Grammar. Your true name corrupted into an all-capital-letter format, however, eminently qualifies as a “word, phrase, logo, or other graphic symbol” and also a “commercial substitute for one’s signature,” because such an assemblage/concoction of letters cannot be defined/classified in any other way. The ALL-CAPS realm is a corporate realm and none other.

Common-law trade-mark

Common-law trade-mark is defined as: “One appropriated under common-law rules, regardless of statutes.” Black’s 4th.

This is why you need not consult statutory law and secure approval from any governmental agency in appropriating (claiming) and enforcing a common-law copyright on your trademark, i.e. your ALL-CAPS TRADE NAME.

Your services (labor) are delivered, billed, and paid for via this trademark/servicemark, which encompasses everything about you in the world of commerce because it is via that entity that commercial interface is achieved. Your TRADE NAME/ trademark is your ticket for doing business with the modern, industrial community, and uniquely identifies all products and services brought into existence by your hand.