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Les Raketti Revised January 02 2010

If this letter is helpful and clarifies things for you please let me know - as I am constantly trying to find better ways to communicate the concept in a way that reaches everyone.

Disclaimer: The following is not legal advice just common sense coming from what I believe until I find out otherwise. Once you read the rest of the letter you will understand better what I mean by the disclaimer statement.

If it was me, this is what I would do:

Send them (all parties involved) a copy of your copyright - read it first to understand what it is you are doing. It is a self executing agreement that kicks in as soon as they receive it. Send it by registered mail to prove they received it. IF they hassle you start billing them in accordance with the conditions there in.

You send them a copy of the original that original must be notarized as the notary bridges the gap between what is legal [being recognized as a State agent] and what is lawful [common law]. If the seal is embossed shade it with a pencil so you can photo copy it.

Common law is more powerful than judicial law (Nuremberg Trials after the 2nd world war - you don't have to obey your commanding officer (or State) if it goes against your belief system - in other words the laws of God (or the universe if you prefer as we all know are more powerful than any of man's laws -this is where we are coming from and where we borrow our authority from ).

You have to stick to your guns, that is your belief system, - no body can fault you for your belief system as long as you continue to only recognize that authority - as soon as you recognize any other authority your are sunk.

Why? because then by doing so by recognizing another authority in the slightest way you have just legally given them power over you and your fate is subsequently at their discretion - for this reason you never ever recognize a judge - the court - an official and you always ask them before you answer any question - "I will gladly answer any of your questions but first show me where I have given you authority over me". The exact words are not important as long as the intent is clear. What you are doing is asking them to prove jurisdiction.

While it may appear here that I am promoting anarchy that is not the case. It is similar to working as an employee in a company - under the terms and conditions of your employment contract you have agreed to abide by the employers rules and regulations or suffer the penalities. However if they assume incorrectly that you are under their employ and insist you abide by their rules you are perfectly with in your rights to ask them by what authority. There is also always the implication that you can quit your job - break your contract and so it is with us in our contractual relationshio to the state.

You see in respect to the State when you signed the Security agreement [you got that notarized didn't you] you effectively removed yourself from being bound tas surety to your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME Without that document you would be under their authority - that's why it is so important. Now you are outside of the States Jurisdiction and if the terms and conditions of their mandate of existence it is bound to serve you then the tables are turned so to speak. You are more powerful than any corporation or government if you assert your position. This is what is meant by the statement rarely defined, "Know who you are".

Note: This might be helpful in terms of how you can
think, maybe not:

"You mean to tell me that my delusion is not
real" - Marshall McLuhan

The intent here is to clarify what is in the real domain (that of common law - the jurisdiction of the creator ) and what is in the domain of the legal world ( the fictional world of man that only exists in the minds of men and then like an employment contract only through an agreement).

If all this material is new to you and seems confusing or strange bear with me - all this will be clear in a minute as we clarify in regard to your name a common misconception of what is really real and what is not.

Supposing I wrote the word "tree" in front of you on a piece of paper and I asked you what is it?

What answer would you give me?

Is it a tree?

Or is it just a word on a piece of paper?

The "tree" only exists as a word on paper.

The word "tree" can never ever be a tree in the real world can it?

And if trees exist in the real world, which tree are we talking about - a tree can represent any tree or the word tree could be a code word for something else - who is to know? Unless one digs into it and finds out what the author who wrote the word "tree" means by it. In other wordsnever assume the meaning of definitions ( like 'citizen', 'person', or even 'is' as we learned from Bill Clinton when he was indited over the Monica Lewinski issue).

Now what if I wrote the words your "FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME"?

Is this any different?

It is just letters on a paper - nothing else - that is until you sign a piece of paper as an honorable man saying it is you. It can never represent you unless you indicate it is by your actions, your behavior or by answering to that name.

Now if someone asks you are you your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME that lives at such and such address, what are you going to say?

Before you answer - remember you only live where you are - in your body no where else (according to the Bible, isn't the body the temple of the soul?).

Your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME (identity id = thing, ident = identified ) is attached to an address because that is how 'it' is tracked. After all there may be more than one your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME. Now if you say you are your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME who is going to argue with you. You then legally become your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME but only because you indicated so either by your actions or because you didn't deny it - but is this the truth in the real world?

A cat who lives in the real world only recognizes you in the flesh. Your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME the name on paper as far as the cat is concerned does not exist and that is the truth.

This is why if you play the legal game you always lose because you are operating as FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME. Your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME is the only thing the legal world recognizes. It can never recognize you the flesh and blood human being because as far as the legal world is concerned you do not exist. You are only in the legal game if you connect yourself in any way to your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME which only exists legally on paper - no where else.

The assumption always is if you sign your name to anything - you are always affirming with your mark the truth. When you get it notarized by a notary he is an authority recognized by government that acts as a witness that it was you who signed the paper with your mark - your authorization! Without the notary your paper has no power because it could of been anyone who signed your name.

When you post a notice it stands in truth legally if no one comes forth to contest the truth of your statement. Once a week for 4 weeks is considered reasonable notice. Use the first few sentences of the copyright notice when you post your notice in the paper and indicate that the rest can be found at the your web page address to save on the cost of posting the whole thing.

Since the government created your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME based on your family and given names, they own it. IF you sign a paper with that name on it, authorizing in truth that it is you, then they effectively own you and you are under their authority. The copyright claims the use of your family and given names back to you - it states no one has the authority to use it except with your permission as it is derived from the original source your family and given names which you being the source have first claim on but only if you assert it. Be aware that what you do not claim, legally the state assumes negligence and ownership by default.

The Security Agreement is the legal proof that you are not the words "FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME". Your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME" is a name created by the state. Anything created by man or government like the word "tree" doesn't exist in the world of nature (except as marks on paper) and so it is a fiction. You from the family "FAMILYNAME' with the given names "FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME" are a creation of the natural world (God if you will) and as such no one, no body has any authority over you (except your creator) - but only if you believe it and act accordingly! If someone transgresses you are obligated to tell them (give them notice) that there was a trespass (your rights were violated) and the penalties that will incur if they continue to do so.

The assumption by default is that you always are the legal entity FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME owned by the State unless you indicate otherwise. Either you Protect your rights by serving notice of transgressions or by acquiescence lose them.

NOTE you are always the agent for your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME, you are never your FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME the fiction. I hope this clarifies who you are so you can act accordingly.

You really don't need to know anything else if you understand deeply what I said about your name. The rest comes from this understanding. Trust your creator to guide you in your heart as to what you must do to protect your family. If you stick to your core beliefs - you will not recognize any power over you other than the creator.

You can always say in your own words in effect, "I would like to oblige but it goes against my religion - I recognize no other authority - you have no jurisdiction over me. If you think you have, show me the proof where I have given you that authority and I will willingly oblige".

Your security agreement and your copyright is legal proof on paper that they have no authority. You can go further and make a notarized statement that you do not recognize all authorities naming each and every one ( as they are fictions that do not exist except on paper in the real world).

If you have a transgression I would send a letter to all parties something similar to the below"

Attn _____ Dept of _____ ___________

Re: (Property ________ _________ )

Dear Sir

As the agent for FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME consider this letter as serving notice ( that there is a prior UCC lien on the property in question ) as per notice attached" Should you continue to harass FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME on this issue the terms and conditions of the attached copyright notice will come into effect.


attached: Copyright Notice for FIRSTNAME SECONDNAME FAMILYNAME

Permission to repost granted with full
disclosure/credits. Les Raketti