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Commercial Lien Questionaire

Instructions: All cases must be meticulously filtered out to our standard quotas we do this for our protection and for yours. Please answer questions and read thoroughly.

Note: Standard fee is $200. If the value of the commercial lien exceeds $700,000 the fee will be prorated at $200 per each $700,000.


Client Form 1
Step 1. Fill in your information as completely as possible


*Client First Name ie. Jennifer

*Last Name ie. Smith
(Area Code) Phone #
ie. 206-212-4567

*Email Address
please double check

*Best Time to Be Reached
ie.Evenings 7pm-10pm
* How much did you spend all together in court and attorney fees?
*Was your case rejected due to mistrial?
*If any what is the sum of your claim your seeking?
*Are you seeking a trial against
[Choose One]

a Corporation
or an Individual ?

Step 2. Send your information. Once you hit submit you will get a confirmation email. Click on the link inside to confirm your email address. If you don't receive an email try again or enter another email address.
Before you hit send double check your email address to avoid resubmitting. If there is an error backspace using your browser to avoid having to retype your info. Use the box below for any notes or questions.