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Public Registry of Common Law Copyright Trade Marks & Trade Names.

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INSTRUCTIONS for Publishing A Public Notice:

Step 1. Fill in your contact information above carefully as the information is critical in double checking your posting.

Step 2  . You can fill in your document you wish to post in the box as provided below & hit SEND but before you do that - here are your options:

1- Use the window box below to Paste in your document - If you wish to highlight words in colored text Bracket it with stars as in this **example** .

2- Alternatively Fax OR Email me your document as an attachment. If faxed there is a small extra charge for transcription - see previous page.

3- OR just fill in the top form only with your personal information, I will use that information to post a standard copyright-name form upon receipt of payment. You can use the window box below to provide additonal information or instructions.

Step 3  . After hitting SEND below, you will be sent immediately an email to verify your email address. If you don't receive it there is something wrong with the email address you submitted. Use another or try again. Make sure you click the confirmation link inside that email once you receive it.

Subsequently you will be sent another email. In it will be instructions on how to proceed. Cost for public postings here are $20 per year for a minimum of 5 years. The intention is to provide you with a permanent record in the public domain that you can make reference to and which other people can have access to.

Your posting of your public notice will be registered with an unique url address as in " " or your company name as in " " or simply using your own referencing system as in

This is a viable alternative to posting public notices in your local newspaper which if you posted the full text can be cost prohibitive. If you wished to get the best of both worlds simply post a small print ad making direct reference to your internet posting.

If you are not contacted within 48 hours you can email me at more@copyright-name or resubmit the form using a different email address from another email provider.

Here is a sample document posting  for your reference.

Re: UCC Filing

In regard to your copyrighting your name making a public posting here, you may wish also to do a UCC filing and if you are in Canada you may wish to file a PPSA as well.

Technically this may not be necessary but a lot of people do it to cover all the bases. Read the documentation in regard to UCC filing on this site for more background information as for why you may wish to go that route.

The PPSA has to be filed with a certified Canadian Government Agent which may be difficult since they are reluctant to cooperate in putting a lien against yourself. If you need assistance in the UCC filing and/or the PPSA getting the proper paperwork etc. contact us using the window below and we can direct you to people who can assist you there. Hopefully this is helpful.