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These questions are in no particular order - but may reflect some of your concerns and answers to same.

1) What Service Do you Provide?

Well I started out doing posting public notices for people attempting to gain control over the use of their names since there nothing on the net that was providing that service and the few that did were charging in excess of $250. I thought I could do much better than that and so I did. To date I have done approximately 50 postings.

The Public Notice concering the use of your name is a common law document but in order to recognized by the State as a legal document it needs to tie into the legal system by filing a lien using the Uniform Commercial Code, otherwise know as an UCC1. I soon found out that people were not familiar enough to do that on their own and so I started doing that for them so that I could complete requirements for the copyright-name Public posting. This UCC1 filing is complementary.

But to file a UCC1 which is really a lien against your corporate legal name has to be based on a contract. And so I ended up providing that service as well in order to complete the documentation. And as part of that, I also create an indemnity bond which protects you from creditors going after your legal name.

Currently if you have your own security agreement and just want to do a copyright name Public Posting I charge $20 a year for 5 years on the Internet or $100. You can complement this posting with a newspaper posting making reference to your unique address on the nest to save you the cost of publishing the whole text. If you only want a security agreement a 14 page document legally claiming and itemizing your property that is also $100 and if you want both done that is $200.

As a bonus I do a complementary electronic UCC1 filing through one particular UCC1 state office and create a PDF document for your records. This gets you in the system and gives your paperwork some legal standing. That state UCC1 office is unique as it allows me to preserve the spelling of your name in upper and lower case and to include a fairly comprehensive collateral statement in the jurisdiction you are currently living in be it California, New York, or even a province in Canada or for that matter any country in the world with only one or two exceptions.

As part and parcel to the process I create PDF's (adobe acrobate documents) which you can use as originals or keep for your personal records. Together that would be 1. The Security Agreement and Indeminity Bond 2. The UCC1 State Filing and 3. The Copyright-name Public Posting. The whole process is completely usually within 24 hours of confirming payment.

I suggest you follow my electronic UCC1 filing with a paper filing in the state where you were born and any state where you have any property.