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  The Cat Scan Test

Les Raketti 01/02/2009

A teaser - What's in a NAME?

Supposing I wrote the word "cat" in front of you on a piece of paper and I asked you what is it?

What answer would you give me?

Is it a cat?

Or is it just a word on a piece of paper?

The "cat" only exists as a word on paper.

The word "cat" can never ever be a cat in the real world can it?

And if cats exist in the real world, which cat are we talking about
- a cat can represent any cat or the word cat could be a code word for something else - who is to know?

Unless one digs into it and finds out what the author who wrote the word "cat" means by it. In other words never assume the meaning of definitions ( like 'citizen', 'person', or even 'is' as we learned from Bill Clinton regarding testimony in his publicly broadcast Grand Jury Trail).

Now what if I wrote the words your name in the full caps as in "JOHN FRANK HENRY"?

Is this really any different?

It is just letters on a paper - nothing else - that is until you sign a piece of paper as an honorable man/woman saying it is you. It can never represent you unless you indicate it is by your actions, your behavior or by answering to that name.

Now if someone asks you, "Are you JOHN HENRY that lives at such and such address, what are you going to say"?

Before you answer - remember you only live where you are. If you weren't at home and you didn't live where you are then I suspect you wouldn't be in the realm of the living, wouldn't you? (according to the Bible, isn't the body the temple of the soul?). In other words as obvious as this may seem, you only live in your body - you could never live at an address.

Your JOHN HENRY (identity id = thing, ident = identified ) is attached to an address because that is how 'it' or how "id" is tracked or identified. After all there may be any number of identical names out there but what distinguishes (identifies) them from another is the address they are attached to or if you will - where they live.

So if I were to ask you again. Do you live at such and such an address what would you in truth tell me?

The point is your name in full caps is only a fictional creation of whoever or what ever created the name JOHN FRANK HENRY which begs the question for what purpose?

One can surmise that it is in CAPS to distinguish it from your given and family names. You typically answer to your first name, a given name that you go by and you belong to a family group of another name. Following convention you write the your name as well as the name of a place by using upper and lower case as in Vancouver, Canada.

The name on paper written in full caps is something completely different, a legal creation owned by whoever created it legally as in JOHN HENRY or THE CITY OF VANCOUVER. In the second instance this is not a place but rather a corporation - a corporate entity. The same would apply to a name of a State or a Country for that matter. Texas is the name of a place, THE STATE OF TEXAS is the name of a corporation. Again this is common sense as how could you ever pay taxes to a place.

So if I were to ask you in what state( or STATE) do you live? Probably the best answer would be the "state of confusion".

And if you indicated in fact that is where you live and that you are your JOHN HENRY at such and such an address who is going to argue with you? Certainly not the government nor any agent of government. Neither would anyone associated with the legal domain as that would be a direct conflict of interest.

With any application you have made for any type of government permit be it a passport, a driver's license, a marriage certificate, citizenship you legally by default have become that JOHN FRANK HENRY but only because you indicated so - either by your actions or simply because you didn't deny it - but is this the truth in the real world?

Lets test this assumption with a cat scan.

A cat who lives in the real world only recognizes you in the flesh. Your JOHN HENRY, the name on paper or as read, as far as the cat is concerned does not exist and that is the real truth.

Let me hit this point home even further as we all have been so conditioned by the legal world we have forgotten who we really are. Now I am by no means a bible thumper but there in that book exists the saying, "Give to CAESAR that which is CAESAR's and give to God that which is God's". Using the test of the cat scan what does this mean?

It means clearly that you as a human being belong under God and if you attach yourself to the LEGAL ENTITY then you belong to CAESAR or the STATE. "You cannot serve two masters!", I believe that also is a quote from that same book - what is being communicated here is not only redemption in spirit but redemption in law.

This is why if you play the legal game you always are at a disadvantage because you are operating as if you are JOHN HENRY which you as a flesh and blood human being are not. As such anything you do is always under or subject to the discretion of a State authority and privileges gained through their permission such as a Driver's license or passport may be revoked at any time. Everything will fine and justice will appear to be served as long as you stay in compliance but step outside of those confines where your interests are in conflict the truth will come out.

In a sense things are rigged as your JOHN HENRY is the only 'thing' that the legal world can recognize. It can never recognize you, the flesh and blood human being because as far as the legal world is concerned you do not exist in their fictional world and that my friend is the truth.

The gentleman who founded the World Service Authority found this out in a shocking way - standed in France having disavowed his American Citizenship - he found out that as far as the French authorities were concerned he did not exist.

But you are only in the legal game IF you connect yourself in any way to your JOHN HENRY the fictional entity which only exists legally on paper - and through tacit agreement exists in the minds of men.

What do I mean by tacit agreement - if you don't deny by your words or actions that you are not 'IT' than you legally by default must be 'IT'.

This is why a cat can cross a downtown street in the middle of a block and not be charged with a City bylaw for J-walking, but you can. Legally the legal paper entity is bound by all written laws and regulations and so are you -if you if by tacit agreement think you are it. The cat does not attach itself to those type of authorities and so it is not bound by them.

How does this come about you may ask?

Well the assumption always is if you sign your name to anything that you are always affirming by your mark, your signature, the truth. Since the government created your JOHN HENRY based on your family and given names, they own it. Now IF you with your mark authorize in truth that it is you, then they effectively own you and you are under their authority.

But wait a second isn't this just the opposite of what one supposed it to be?

Yes! If you thought government was created by men to serve you this in reality is the reverse situation. From an ethical and moral basis - the realm of the creator - this is not right even though legally it is justifiable.

It took a world war to clarify this very point.

Through the Geneva Convention after the second world war the signatory STATES agreed to respect the inherent inborn rights of man. This was in recognition that no human could be commanded to commit any atrocity as he had the right to refuse and obey his inner conscience, a higher authority.

Technically through the use of a legal entity JOHN HENRY the STATE has 'legally' every right to enforce any law or bylaw on the books. "Honour and Obey." Morally and ethically ( again coming from a higher authority ) they don't have that right as government in the natural order of things was invented by man to serve the community as a whole - the opposite to the present legal inversion.

But since we in our innocence have unwittingly bound ourselves to the legal entity we are subject to the discretion of the STATE or more correctly to the STATE's agents. This is the whole issue regarding redemption in law which is not taught by State sanctioned schools since it is an obvious conflict of interest and State sanctioned Churches as they stand to lose their tax exempt status.

What options do you have?

Well you can always claim back the use of your name and all its derivatives by posting a public notice prompting anyone to come forth to contest that right. It is unlikely that the STATE will come forward to confirm their claim as the ARTIFICIAL CREATION was in the first instance derived from your family and given names nor do the STATE's agents wish to bring these issues into public awareness.

The Public Notice & Ownership by Default of Claim

The significance of posting a public notice is that when you post a notice it stands in truth legally by the test of time that is IF no one comes forth to contest it. Once a week for 4 weeks in a local paper where legal notices are made is considered a reasonable notice. Use the first few sentences of the copyright notice when you post your notice in the paper and indicate that the rest can be found at the your web page address to save on the cost of posting the whole text.

The copyright notice claims the use of your family and given names back to you - it states no one has the authority to use it except with your permission as it is derived from your family and given names which you being the source have first claim on but only if you assert it. Be aware that what you do not claim, legally the STATE assumes negligence and ownership by default.

The Security Agreement supersedes all adhesion contracts

Since the STATE assumes through all the contracts you signed with them that you are your JOHN HENRY in Caps (which they have control over), you may wish to void and supersede those contracts with another contract. You can do this by making a contract with that legal entity your NAME in CAPS and since you have signing authority for it this is relatively easy to do. This new contract once notarized will further validate your claim for exclusive use of your name in all its variations.

The 'Security Agreement' is the contract that becomes legal proof that you are not the words "JOHN FRANK HENRY" as our JOHN FRANK HENRY" is a name created by the state. Anything created by man or government like the word "cat" doesn't exist in the world of nature (except as marks on paper) and so 'IT' is a fiction - welcome to the world of DOUBLETHINK the world of 1984 that George Orwell was alluding to the real 'Matrix'. Like a fish in water it is so much a part of your surroundings you don't even know it exists.

The Copyright Notice - Not a copyright as much as a Notice of Right

You from the family "Henry' with the given names "John Frank" are a creation of the natural world (God if you will) and as such no one, no body has any authority over you (except your creator) - but here's the catch - only if you believe it and act accordingly! If someone transgresses your rights to your name it is up to tell them (give them notice) that there was a trespass (that your rights were violated) and the penalties that will incur if they continue to do so. By sending them by registered letter a copy of your Copyright-Name Notice which technically is not so much a copyright as a Claim of Right you serve notice that any violations in the use of any derivative of your given and family names will incur the penalties stated within. And if they continue to use the name they do so under the terms of the Copyright-name self-executing contract.

The Presumption

The assumption by default by the STATE is that you always are the legal entity JOHN HENRY owned by the STATE unless you indicate otherwise. Either you protect your rights by serving notice of transgressions or by acquiescence lose them.

NOTE you are always the agent ( have signing authority ) for your JOHN HENRY, you like the word 'cat' on a piece of paper are never your JOHN HENRY, the fiction. If you have an US check look closely at it the signature line it has the letters 'MP' printed beside it which stands for microprint. If you examine the signature line closely you will see that it is not a line at all but is in fact tiny legal print repeating the words 'SIGNATUREAUTHORIZEDBYSIGNATUREAUTHORIZEDBY' now you know why - a fiction can not sign anything itself it needs an agent to do it for 'ID' and to think you thought you were it.

I hope this clarifies who you are so you can act accordingly. Read also the essay on "The 3 Step Process" which approaches the subject from a slightly different angle. Having a legal name is neither bad nor good its like a gun or a typewriter its only in how its being used.

Permission to repost granted with full
disclosure/credits. Les Raketti